Wednesday, December 12, 2007

How Much Is Too Much ?

Astonishingly enough, it turns out that giving terrorists a hard time can save lives.

I know - I was shocked too, but there you have it. Liberals keep jabbering about how not giving terrorists their weetabix until the milks all soaked in and they've gone all soggy, will inflict terminal damage on our national karma, start us down the slippery slope to human sacrifice and lead to us being cold shouldered by such moral arbiters as the UN. On the other hand, all we on the right can manage is the whole 'preventing mass slaughter' thing.

Well, OK, then libs - just how many casualties are these people prepared to accept before they'll let interrogators make intimidating hand gestures at terrorists ? 100 ? 1000 ? More ? Just how many body bags need to be filled before the left shuts the hell up ?

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