Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Evil, Racist, Moron Bigots Proven Right (Again)

The Tories are shocked - shocked! - to find out that Tory A-lister Ali Miraj turns out to be a race-hustling bum with a sense of entitlement nearly as big as Dave's. Who'd have guessed it would end like this ?

Well, alright, maybe one or two of us did. Meanwhile, the Cult of Dave called us Nazis, bigots and Nazi bigots. Also: stupid. Call it a shot in the dark, but as a general rule, I'm thinking that people arguing from prejudice and racism would tend to construct lousy arguments and ludicrous predictions. Not to blow our own trumpet, but the Right called the shot and the pocket here.

No matter how sleazy Miraj's manoeuvring is, that of the Tories who enabled him is worse. Back when he was only targeting the British Right, the Tories thought he was the Martin Luther King de nos jours, speaking truthiness to power. The only thing that's changed is the target of Miraj's vile, racist rhetoric. Back when he was 'merely' shouting 'fire!' in the crowded theatre of British ethnic politics, the Tories were OK with that. It was only when he took a shot at the Dear Leader that their moral sense suddenly started tingling. They deserve each other.

Asking The Questions MSM Jounalists Just Won't Ask

JH at Right Wing News covers what happens to an economy after a crackdown on illegal immigration. Hint: the answer isn't 'it collapses, leaving behind an anarchic wasteland, reminiscent of Mad Max II'. He also asks the killer question:
How is it that we get so many conservatives who believe that the market can adjust to anything -- except a small tightening in the amount of unskilled laborers we have in this country?
Well, quite.

Telling The Truth = Hate Speech

Who knew ? I guess that's as close as we'll come to an admission that any accurate reporting of Islam would, by definition, make people think worse of it.

Those Who The Gods Would Destroy...

...they first make mad - and there're plenty of mad Tories at the moment. To judge by the comments on the Daily Mail over at Ian Dale's place and Conservative Home, the Tories' new role model is Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction. Yep, the DM turns out be part of a huge, massive conspiracy to hide the fact that the member for Rwanda East is the greatest leader in all history. Tinfoil hats all round!

Official: We're Not Insane After All

Nothing highlights the bias of the BBC like the topic of BBC bias. Take the BBC's new series of training courses, designed to teach their staff not to lie like rugs. The BBC has, quite correctly, been given oddles of stick over this already, but there's something more to it than merely questions about what it reveals about the BBC's recruitment policies or its spendthrift ways.

People have been pointing out the BBC's flexible ethics for years, only to be told they were a) insane, b) bigots, c) idiots or d) all of the above. Now, as if by magic, the BBC has suddenly announced that yes, their staff are moraly dyslexic after all. Gosh, someone should have said something!

If the BBC hadn't be caught so blatantly bang to rights, calling it unethical would still be proof positive that you were a retarded lunatic fascist. As it is, the BBC has implicitly admitted that its critics were 100% right, even while still steadfastly refusing to acknowledge their existence. Instead, these latest scandals are presented in a vacuum. In effect, the BBC's position is that its behaviour was completely unethical, but only in those cases where the evidence is overwhelming - everywhere else its conduct was unimpeachable! It's going to take more than training courses to cure a culture like that.

Nice People, Let's Open The Borders To Them

How can you tell when a culture is completely warped ? Answer: when even the 'moderate reformers' turn out to be anti-Semitic lunatics:
[Younus Sheikh] also suggested that the Four Imams who interpreted the Koran after Mohammed's death may have been Jews.
Call me a harsh marker, but when Mr Moderate's knock on the fanatics is that they're 'friends of the Goldblatts', I question his credentials as an exponent of the touchy-feely, reformed, religion of peace.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Full-Contact Writing

I enjoyed reading this article, not only because it's good in itself, but also because it's great to find an MSM outlet still prepared to carry this sort of thing. Still, I've got to quibble with one thing: despite their best efforts, lawyers aren't actually sapping the public's will to fight. If they were, they would be able to change the law the old-fashioned way, instead of needing to rely on activist judges to pull insane precedents out of thin air.

Indeed, this is one of the central humbuggeries of the whole thing. For all that these freaks talk about freedom, their whole philosophy is overtly fascistic. True, they say, elected representatives with a mandate from the public can play around passing legislation, but the actual law itself is whatever is decided on by a narrow clique of suitably-enlightened Liberals. Hence, the rise of the philosopher kings on the bench, pronouncing on the way our laws should be. What could be more inimical to freedom than that ?

Post In Which I Share A Revelation

I was reading this post about the infamous Palestine Jihadbee - and even if you think the whole Middle East is an eye roller, you should check out this case of prime grade crazy - when I had a thought: TV stations, call-in shows - just how much infrastructure do these people need before the Left will stop trying to pass them off as destitute refugees ?

How Carboard Boxes Prove Supremacy Of Marxist-Leninism

Yep, it's another Great Leap Forward for science: licensed scientists have proven that living in a Marxist dictatorship gives people a greater sense of empathy - thereby making this perhaps the gayest excuse yet for tyranny.

I could point out that there might just be one or two confounding variables here, but that misses the more interesting point. What's with all this talk about 'American culture' and 'Chinese culture' ? Surely all cultures are the same, except for the dancing ? Oops, no. Having a network of labour camps, not having one, who's to say which is best ? But 'empathy', now that there's some hard-edged metric. So other cultures are either every bit as valid as Western culture or they're better, all of which is by way of saying that this is yet another way in which Liberalism has become the ideology of first wives everywhere.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

MSM Finds The Real Victim of July 7

Have a bucket handy before reading this. The whole thing reads like a right-wing parody. My favourite bit is where she claims she's lost faith in the police. That'll be a blow for PC Plod - after all, as the saying goes, when you've lost the deranged Islamofascists, you've lost the country.

Actually, that's the most amusing thing about all this. This piece of degenerate filth has chosen to speak out now as part of the Left's campaign to undermine anti-terror legislation. That's how deluded the civil liberties nutters are, they really think the Lady Macbeth of Islamofascism makes a sympathetic poster girl for the horrors of life in the Britannic Reich. Newsflash Libs: most people think this is the type of person the police should be investigating. I guess Britain must be pretty free after all, if the closest the Left can get to a police state atrocity story is PC Plod investigating the associates of mass murdering terrorists.


Down in the comments, that Nazi Ross suggests that Little Miss Victim's photo shoot doesn't exactly suggest a woman distancing herself from Islamofascism. Personally, I don't see what the problem is.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Working Class Hero Targeted By Internationalist Conspiracy

Things must be getting grim for the Cameroonatics: they've managed to find their most obnoxious talking point yet. Here's Cameron fanboy Quentin Letts spinning for the member for Rwanda East:
Mr Cameron had just flown in from Rwanda where he visited a memorial to the worst genocide for 60 years.

Would there have been such a row about his absence from the country if, say, he had been visiting the Holocaust memorial in Israel? I doubt it.
Too subtle ? Later in the same article, we're graced with this point:
I do not recall Neil Kinnock or John Smith or Tony Blair being so roughly shouted at when leading the Opposition. Lord Kinnock has often complained about his bad press. Mr Cameron has recently taken an even more widespread tonking from a fourth estate of editorial sycophants and neo-Con nutters.
Yep, he's broken the code: we don't hate Cameron because he's a sneering, amoral, aristocratic wastrel with a superiority complex - amongst several thousand other things - it's because our 'neo-Con' masters have ordered us to oppose him. Just wait until Letts finds out that they also timed the floods to strike just when Cameron was out of the country.

Save The Cameron!

Events darn sarf must have been even more devastating to the Tories than I thought. Cameroonie Alice Thompson provides a six point plan for the Tories that turns out to be just one point repeated six times: scream even louder.

You know, it's times like this when I begin to suspect the credibility of the Cameroonie's claim to be the Smartest People Evah!.

Still, I sense danger. There's talk of trouble at t'mill. Include me out. That's not because I believe it's too late to undo the damage Cameron caused - although I do, and it's not because I think any attempted coup will fail - also true. It's about the nature of the Tories.

The point is that while Cameron is no kind of Conservative, he is very much a Tory. Cameron is a symptom as well as a cause. Cameron's snobbery, arrogance, sense of entitlement and narcisissm are entirely characteristic of a large block of Tories. Now, they're finally free to implement their agenda, they're suddenly discovering the downside of power: accountability. Yet, as if by magic, it suddenly turns that their cunning plans are being derailed by a dark conspiracy of counter-revolutionaries - and never mind that the Right has been far more loyal to Cameron than his faction ever was to any other leader in the past thirty years.

I'm thinking we're seeing the start of a 'stabbed in the back' myth. Yep, 'Cameron would have won the general election if it wasn't for those meddling Conservatives'. Enough already, there is no issue on which the Cameroonatics have not got their way - even to the point of turning a formerly-serious political party into a personality cult - so it's a bit late for them to claim they coulda been a contender.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Those Nice Tories

Incredible story over at Guido's. Not only does the nice party accept a legacy left by a guy who wanted to support their fight against the international conspiracy of sexually-perverted pharmaceutical company executives, but now his son has challeneged the will, they've employed a whole bus-load of high-priced lawyers and expert witnesses (kerching!) to claim that the guy was perfectly sane, y'know, once you get past the whole 'satanic forces controlling the world' thing.

Mind you, in so far as the poor bloke believed a nonsensical theory about the planet being under threat and was obsessed with pharmaceuticals, he would have been a natural for Cameron's team.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Outrage D'Jour

Subsidies gave us the EU butter mountain and wine lakes, now apparently we're working on our very own chav mountain. For extra outrage points, just read what happened to their previous residence.

Monday, July 23, 2007

How's that Nu Age Working Out For You ?

FR has a nice summary of events down in Southall. It's worth emphasising one thing though. Tony Lit - the week-long Tory was not, in fact, standing as a 'Conservative' candidate. Nope, the truth is even sweeter.

The BBC's Other Advanatge

What Guido said. People paid money to enter a competition that was actually rigged. If the landlord down the Red Lion pulled a stunt like this, he'd be charged in a flash. So how come the BBC gets a pass ?

This is what I've said before. Yes, the licence fee - and the consequent huge chunks of guaranteed filthy lucre - is a huge advantage, but that's only half of it. The other factor is the BBC's near-immunity to regulation. Liberals profess to lie awake at night, worrying about that nasty Mr Murdoch, yet here we have a broadcaster who's news division employs more people than their are journalists employed by every other outlet combined. Then there's the cross-subsidies, which not only allows the BBC to enter new niches and crush existing outlets, but - in so far as its activities are ultimately underwritten by the licence fee - means the crushees are contributing to their own demise. Und so weiter....

With a corporate culture like that, is it any wonder BBC staffers thought they could get away with outright fraud ?

Friday, July 20, 2007

Further Outrage!

Further to the story of the secret rapist, here are the thoughts of race-hustling idiot Sonia Francis-Mills, the director of the Devon Racial Equality Council:
I think the police often just want to feel collars.
If only!

Still, it's nice to see the 'tough on crime' Left's real position stated so openly - true, the police need to make the odd arrest to maintain credibility, but the Left thinks they should have bigger fish to fry.

It gets better:
If [the police] had contacted us earlier we may have been able to help track him down through people within the community.
Yep, if only the police had abased themselves before these communidee leaders, they might have generously consented to let PC Plod track down a suspect in a serious sex crime. See - they are as gracious as they are smart.

That's what this debate is really about, allowing the race pimps to establish their own personal fiefdoms. Of course these folks are free to argue that the law of the land shouldn't apply to them, but I don't see why we should pay them public money to do so.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Really Stupid Memes Of Our Times

Via Alison at ATW, I find out that after only six years of denial, the Left has finally come up with a new talking point for the war on terror. Apparently, Conservatives are just like Hitler....Osama!

Well, you know, it's sort of new, in the sense of they've changed the name. Hey, at least we've now got Liberals on record as saying that Osama's a bad guy - that's progress of a sort, even if their main charge against him seems to be that he reminds them of Melanie Philips.

In case you're wondering the resemblance between Conservatives and Bin Laden is that the Right deplores the sociological cesspit of modern Britain, and so does Binnie. See, it's a perfect match. Given that Bin Laden has started complaining about Kyoto, giant corporations and the exploitation of women by the US, the Left should probably think carefully about pushing that line of thought.

Leaving aside all that though, the argument itself doesn't stand up. The Left wants to polarise the debate, so that you can either support the 'Clockwork Orange' world of Nu Britain, or you're an Islamofascist sympathiser - or, to put it another way, the Left believes exactly the same thing Osama does. True, they fall on different sides of the fence, but Islamofascists have long argued that the West is synonomous with depravity, and only Islam can stand up to this degeneracy, now here's some westerners confirming that. Binnie would love it.

No matter how hard the MSM tries to ram the Liberal lifestyle down people's throats, there'll always be some people left on the kerb by the prospect of spending their life splashing round the cesspit. These are the people Islam appeals to.

In so far as traditional Conservatives offer a way to live as distinct from either the vacuous hedonism of the Left or the fascist idiocies of Islam, I don't think Osama would approve. But there's something deeper here. Another Liberal hate figure explains:
The nullity of the modern multicultural state is the heart of the problem. We talk airily about "moderate Muslims," but the reality is that Islam is moderated mainly by the overarching culture--often a dictatorial culture, such as the Soviet Union or the Suharto regime in Indonesia, but sometimes something less so. There is no reason for Islam to moderate itself in a land that declares we worship only donuts or topless sunbathers.
Exactly. This latest meme is just the most recent example of Liberals decrying everyone who rejects the Liberal lifestyle as borderline fascists. The only value Liberals will accept is the absence of values. But who on Earth would die for such a nihilistic mess ? A clash between Islamofascist fanatics and the Left's Nu British Man - always assuming he could sober up and get out of bed in the first place - will only end one way. If the West is to survive, the first thing we'll need is a reason why it's worth fighting for.

Outrage D'Jour

Why does anyone in Britain even talk about feminism ? It's an ideology that was totally exposed as far back as 4th May 1979. That was the day a female Head of State appointed a female Head of Government, and every feminist in the country explained how it didn't count, as Lady Thatcher wasn't a real woman. Or, to put it another way, that was the day the women's movement outed themselves as a bunch of Liberal hacks.

Nothing has changed in the intervening years. Feminists will yammer about oppression when it suits the Left's agenda, but actual oppression gets a pass just as long as its committed by the right people. All of which brings us onto today's lesson in sleaze.

Isn't that just super! On the one hand, we have an actual rape, on the other we have a group of race pimps reporting 'twenty or so' (note the precision) 'assaults & attacks... directly relating to previous reports of the case' (and don't none of you Nazis ask how they hell they determined that!).

Funnily enough, I'd have guessed that PC Plod would already have heard about any 'assaults and attacks' - whether journalism related or not. Of course, any reported cases would be subject to actual investigation - not that that could in any way explain the reluctance of the alleged 'victims' to report the cases.

Personally, I'm kind of thinking the poor image of the Islamopath might be a chicken and egg deal. When you're talking about people whose first thought on hearing that a member of their community might be a brutal rapist is 'Quick! Let's stop anyone talking about that', yes, I think 'scumbags' is fair comment.

It's a perfect example of modern British life. Police aren't allowed to track down a suspect in a real crime, for fear of offending a bunch of Islamofascists citing made-up cases. Apparently, reporting actual facts, such as that police are seeking an Islamopath in connection with a rape, is verboten for fear that it may incite other crimes (even though there's no evidence it has), but there's no way police soft-pedalling an investigation into a serious felony could in any way encourage further offences.

Still, at least we've found a way to shut the femiloons up. True, a lass from an actual rape support group has criticised the decision, but that kind of emphasises the disgraceful cowardice of the feminists. The police deliberately hobbling the hunt for a predator is hardly some fringe issue. When a group noted mainly for borderline hysteria even about trivial issues sits out a case like this, that's testimony both to the true nature of these people, and the iron grip of victimhood poker on the Left.

(A tip of the hat to JuliaM)

Liberals And Other Parasites

Who knew ? Wikipedia has a whole set of pages devoted to fictional parasites. I guess pretendy-parasites must be the 'notable' stuff these guys were on about.

BBC: Spinning For Scum (Part 2638)

Four guys jailed for protesting ? Wow, that's harsh! But wait - as Bryan at Hot Air points out, that isn't exactly what they were jailed for.

As if that's not enough, we get this. Now there's a euphemism to stand alongside John Simpson's 'misguided criminals'. What are the odds of the BBC describing a group of BNP supporters as 'angry young men' - whether or not they were actually convicted of anything ?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Liberals Find Their Coulter

Talk about a defining difference between our two species. While Conservatives await the latest thoughts from Chairman Ann, Liberals have found their own inspirational authoress.

Even More A-List Fun

Right about now, Tory atrocity stories are coming thick and fast. I was trying to find the right literary allusion for this story, but Laban has found the perfect one for a completely different, yet totally the same situation.

White Guilt 101

Yes, indeed: Liberals have moved on from pushing multiculturalism. Now they believe in assimilation - specifically, that majority population must assimilate with everyone else, all at once.

At least, that's my interpretation of this. Let's leave aside the question of just how many 'all-white' schools there are in Britain, and we'll even ignore the Left's crude equation of race with culture. Just on first principles, there's something truly bananas in the idea that it's the natives that need to adjust to incomer's cultures.

Not to be crude, but with the homies busting caps in each other elbows, and the RoPers stabbing their dishonourable sisters to death, I'm kind of thinking those cultures could do with a little input from the natives, not the other way round. Or, to be less crude, in so far as these folks have come to Britian, that would tend to suggest a desire to get away from heavily-armed yardies and mad mullahs.

For that matter, in which parallel universe are schools hot beds of right-wing extremism ? If the Libs think the average staff room is too right-wing for them, they may as well give up now. Still, after years when schools could get turn out illiterates with no consequences, it's sickening to see the Left threatening to close down schools which don't push the Kool Aid hard enough.

In it's own way though, there's something heroic about the Left's monomania. Back when immigration was vaguely under control, they supported multiculturalism as a way to stop immigrants assimilating into British culture. Now, in the era of open borders, they've moved onto to actively trying to prevent schools teaching British culture. The techniques may change, but the hatred of Britain stays the same.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Just Checking...

As I understand it, we can't build our way out of the prison crisis, we've got to cut the numbers going to prison in the first place.

On the other hand, we can build our way out of the housing crisis, with no other measures required.

See, it makes perfect sense!

Worst Comeback Ever

With the BBC in trouble for its creative approach to reporting, they've tried the time-honoured 'all the other kids were doing it too' defence. Apparently, because of the unique way the BBC is funded, they can aspire to be no worse than anyone else. Or something. More to the point though, the BBC was caught trying to smear Her Majesty and the Prime Minister. Channel 4 has been caught in a fish-related fraud. They're not really the same.

The Zombies Are Coming

Cranmer nicely sums up what is it that's so plain yukky about IDS' superficially reasonable call for 'social justice'. It's the implicit requirement for interventionist government to ram that justice down our throat.

There's more to it than that though. The ever-excellent Cube of the Proletariat points out one problem with this kind of rhetoric. It assumes that the successful are, by definition, guilty of underhand conduct. The problem is not only that, by legitimising the demonisation of the successful, this worldview discourages success but also, as the yin to that yang, it encourages those behaviours that lead to failure. In fact, in so far as this kind of logic suggests there's something inevitable about conflict between serving the public and being successful, far from encouraging social cohesion, this theory would seem to suggest the inevitability of a permanent state of class war between the successful (selfish) and the socially-responsible (losers).

Needless to say, it's kind of strange to see a soi dissant Conservative seeming to endorse one of the central tenets of Marxism, but even that's not it. It's more basic than that. The real defence of the successful isn't just that they pay lots of tax, employ people or do a lot of work for charidee. It's that in a capitalist society, more than any other, simply by doing the things that make them successful, these people serve the greater good. Look at one of the Left's favourite objects of hate: pharmaceutical companies. To survive they simply must produce worthwhile medicines. Does the system always work ? Probably not, but they're still doing more to push medicine forward than any number of GPs knocking off at 17:00 on the dot, and claiming special grants for the equivalent of Ford making sure their cars don't explode.

That's it, that's the thing. The successful have got that way because, in some way, they've given the public what they want, yet under the warped paradigm of social justice, getting filthy rich by the voluntarily exchange of goods and services is somehow perceived as morally inferior to existence as a lifeless, public sector zombie surviving on money forcibly extracted from the worthwhile and productive. To Hell (and a job in the private sector) with that!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Tiny Minority Latest

Latest count: 4000 Jihadis known to have trained in Afghanistan. Clearly, the Truthers are right, we need a public inquiry to investigate why MI-5 can't constantly keep track of them all.

Note too the timeline. That's 4000 of them being trained for terrorism between 1996 and the end of 2001 - but it's all about Iraq, right ?

As I Was Saying...

On the subject of the Left's ever flexible morality, Jonah Goldberg raises an interesting question here. How come all those committed opponents of the death penalty never mention the frequent use of it in China ?

Well, actually, they don't seem to worry about it being used anywhere that doesn't rhyme with the word 'LETARICA'. But don't question their motivation.

Liberals In Heaven

I'm with Ross on the Conrad Black case. Even leaving aside the prosecution's Frankenstein's monster of a case, the outbreak of Tourettes this verdict has induced in the MSM speaks well of Black.

Winner of 'Best in Show' is undoubtedly the Telegraph, with its jovial allusions to prison rape. All this talk of 'arrogance' and the like just emphasises how weak the substance of the case actually was. Reading through this thread at the animal house, It seems that the main charges are that Black was right-wing, rich and married to Barbara Amiel.

Come to think of it, a man from Mars reading that thread would have trouble telling who was actually convicted, Black or his missus. According to the right-on comrades, Amiel is a 'harridan', 'Lady Macbeth' and 'Amielda Marcos'. I haven't seen such an outpouring of misogynistic lunacy since, well, the last time Liberals ran into a smart, right-wing woman. On the other hand, our progressive friends do show exceptional restraint - for them - in taking until the fourth comment for any allusion to the other reason Amiel will never get invited to speak at a British uni.

All of which is by way of saying that this is further proof for my theory that if you want to know the true nature of Liberals, watch what they do when they think they have the upper hand. It's not just the way PC falls by the wayside once a Designated Victim leaves the collective. Liberals have spent years slobbering over the piercing social insights of all manner of scumbags. Hell, kill enough people and you can even get published by the Guardian. But now they've nailed a right-winger on a charge no one can explain in less than 100 words, they've got their Judge Dredd on ?

Ditto, you'd think people that profess to lie awake at night worrying about civil liberties would be a little more cautious about the idea of the state trawling through private contracts years after the fact, claiming to detect frauds that raised not an eyebrow at the time.

At the end of the day, it's all tactical. Liberalism, being an essentially nihilistic creed, everything is expendable for the greater good of beating the right. Don't look for coherency: Black was a rightist, that's all you need to know.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

But What If It Was A Gay Jew ?

Like the man said, this sort of thing is being published by a network that goes to absurd lengths to remove anything that offends the Left.

Today's Steynism

Steyn nails what's absurd with those folks who want to discourage Britons from having large families:
If the English and Belgians don't want to have children, it won't mean a return to bucolic pastoral vistas, it will just mean the places of the kids you never had will be taken by immigrants. If Yemen cuts its fertility rate, Yemen will empty out. If Britain cuts its fertility rate, Yemen will move in.

It's Funny Because It's True

News reaches me that Wikipedia are still having trouble burying the Charlene Downes Unperson issue. Here's what's there right now:

Guardian Of Public Morals

Lest we forget, the Reverend Dale also played his part in the 'BNP bombers' hoax. Verily, he is the conscience of the Conservatosphere

Friday, July 13, 2007

Drive-By Media Skids Off Road

Who'd have thunk it ? The BBC edited footage to make Her Majesty look bad. And they would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for those meddling couriers!

Actually, in so far as Her Maj is just the latest citizen to be slimed by the BBC, they do usually get away with it. The smear is broadcast to the nation and the news cycle moves on before the victim has a chance to respond. Hence, Rush Limbaugh's characterisation of the MSM as the 'Drive-by Media'. The only difference this time was that they chose a victim who already had a professional PR outfit in place ready to shoot back.

Middle-aged wierdos don't have this kind of backup, but even here the Libtards can lose out once actual facts come into play. All of which brings onto the Greatest Crime Evah! Characteristically, in between covering these allegations at great length, the Liberal media has been talking endlessly about why this case hasn't been covered enough. But that was then. The drive-bys have driven by, off to find the next victim. This is how strong Liberal arguments are: they have to run off before anyone gets a chance to answer back.

Best Quote Ever

UK military spokesman Major Mike Shearer said: "We can categorically state that we have not released man-eating badgers into the area."
I'm glad they got that straight. Still, I'm sure some sleazy lawyer trash will still get legal aid to pursue this case anyway.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

He Keeps Using That Phrase, I Do Not Think It Means What He Thinks It Means

I can't be the only rightist who regularly runs into people shocked to find that I think the whole 'civil liberties' thing is garbage. Surely you can't object to people having rights.....

Well, yes, I can. For the reason why, consider human rights lawyer David Enright, who's been exercising his basic human right to stop people reading things he disapproves of. I'm thinking that when the civil liberties crowd start burning books, the whole concept has been corrupted to the point of meaninglessness.

Incidentally, his argument for banning the book is a beyond parody example of Liberalism at its finest:
He said he was 'aghast' and his wife was 'speechless'.
Quick, somebody call a WAHAMBULANCE!

Honestly, you can't make this stuff up.

Let's check the scorecard here. A cartoon in which a dog becomes king of the Congo is a serious attempt to push white supremacist ideals, but the 600 or so TV shows which depict consequence-free promiscuity, drug abuse and violent insanity are just entertainment. Call it a hunch, but I'm guessing the average black teenager is far more likely to die at the hands of some gangsta trash than be killed by a crazed Tintin fan.

Still, maybe we should take this criticism on board. Maybe we need to be more sensitive to the needs of the Liberalism-impaired community, and reach out to the politcally less-abled. After all, idiots are people too. Besides, we don't want them to escalate to stamping their feet and holding their breath, right ?

On second thought, screw them:

(Hattip to the Farkers for the graphic)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Tories: Fat, Stupid & Arrogant

Guido has two perfect examples of the Nu Tories in action. First, there's this example of inspirational leadership. I guess it's unfair to expect them to live by the same standards as us proles. After all, they're just better than us - I don't see any of you proles coming up with a super sophisticated plan like this. SMART!

Good Point

Stan points out that we've managed to cover the whole Heinz 57 varieties of Islamofascists. Ironically enough, it turns out that one of the Left's talking points is exactly right - they really are a diverse group, but only once you factor out the one common theme.

All of which is by way of saying that once you have doctor Jihadis, teaching assistant Jiadis, unemployed waster Jihadis... pretty soon you have to start looking at the actual Jihad thing itself.

Today's Steynism

The economic argument for mass immigration is always reductionist, simply because people do not think of themselves as solely (or even principally) economic entities. The government may see immigrants as textile workers or bus drivers or even neurosurgeons, but what matters is how those individuals see themselves - and as Europe has discovered a significant segment of that population has embraced a core identity unrelated to textile mills, NHS hospitals or any other economic enterprise.

Liberals Against Tokensim

The Libtards might have a point here, but they sure picked a funny time to disavow their insitance on 'a ------ that looks like Britain'

Time To Play "What's Missing ?'

The BBC manages to produce a whole article on female genital mutilation without once dipping into the whole question of motivation. Well played!

Cows On The Runway

The Remittance Man passes on news of another great moment in Nu Brit culture. The bit I can't work out is why they phoned the Coastguard. Who do they call when their boat starts sinking ? Mountain Rescue ?

Still, amusing though it is to laugh at a school outing for some of Britain's finest up-coming welfare mothers, it's hardly a one off. Au contrair, it's the spirit of the age. Never mind mocking the Jihadis and their top secret weapon, the Sub-Human Torch - they still managed to inflict twenty casualties without even carrying a weapon. Equally, a crime committed by 2 Jihadis resulted in 1200 people being detained. Let's hear the civil liberties creeps complain about that.

Let's not be too harsh on Glasgow Airport though. In fact, let's even give the Cow Tamers a break. The way things are these days, acting stupid can be the smart option. It's what I was writing about yesterday. With the state constantly looking over your shoulder ready to shout 'Gotcha!, who wouldn't play safe ? Of course, with diabetics hovering on the edge of coma, playing safe isn't all that safe, but it's that or have people act like actual citizens rather than serfs.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Today's Steynism

We have to teach our children an "heroic national narrative" (in the splendid words of Australia's John Howard), one that teaches them their history warts and all, as opposed to (as now) warts only. A nation cannot survive as merely a big zip code: it has to be understood as the physical expression of certain ideas and the ongoing projection of a grand inheritance. If we can't articulate why sharia is wrong even if it's legitimized by plebiscite, then we fully deserve to end our days living under it. It's not about Islam. It's about us.

Liberals ♥ Prison

If the Martians had landed in the week after the then Home Secretary Michael Howard declared that 'Prison works!', we'd never have heard about it amidst all the girly hysteria about that brute Howard!

Still, Liberals have at last found folks who deserve to be in jail: these guys.

It's ironic that these guys have been jailed for perverting the course of justice, when actual perversion passes judges by. Or, to put it another way, you can bang a schoolgirl on the back seat of your Ford, and the only risk will be driving through a speed trap on the way home.

Needless to say, this type of thing explains why the most common modifier used with the word 'judge' is 'unelected'. The legal system long ago uncoupled itself from any archaic ideas about reflecting the common morality and the like. Instead, we now have a system that's obsessed with modernity, virulently atheistic and supposedly utilitarian. The trouble is, to twist an old phrase, once you take the morality out of the law, you don't clear the way for logic, you clear it for anything.

Freed from constraints like morality and tradition, the legal system in this country has degenerated into just another nationalised industry: bloated, inefficient, politicised and nasty. Judges jail speeding ticket fiddlers while freeing perverts for the same reason cops set speed traps on motorway sliproads in the first place. It's not because they think blind, geographically-challenged five year olds might stumble onto the M1 while carrying their puppy back from the doggie hospital. It's not even primarily for the cash - though that helps. Nope - to borrow a phrase from Richard Littlejohn - it's to show us who's boss.

Judges release perverts while jailing speeders simply to ram home the point that they, and they alone, will decide what the law is and isn't. The public expects predators to be jailed, hence they are freed. On the other hand, no one lies awake at night worrying about 77 year old point-swapping felons, but they have blasphemed the gods on the bench, hence no sentence is too harsh. Ditto, as I said earlier today, the obsession with press ganging worthwhile members of the public - and even jailing those who show insufficient enthusiasm for their captivity. It's all about the chance to enforce dhimmitude on the public.

Indeed, the speed trap really is the perfect exemplar of their approach to governance. Instead of law enforcement protecting the innocent and preserving public order, you've now got them metaphorically hiding behind bushes next to dual carriageways, ready to jump out and shout 'A-ha!'. It's the difference between the traditional British ideal where a citizen going about his normal business need encounter no arm of the government except for the Post Office, and the Nu Brit ideal of citizen's rights only existing by sufferance of the state.

All of which is by way of saying that we need not get caught up in the specifics of legal reform, all we really need is a few trees and enough rope.


Interestingly, Steve - who's both more Libertarian and more pro-Islamic than me - does not approve of this woman. Personally, I'm all for anyone who'll stick two fingers up to folks who'll wax lyrical about civil liberties, even while they zealously guard their right to seize innocent citizens at the drop of a hat.

As I understand current policy, it's that when Special Branch question Jamal Jihadi as he returns from a six-month trip to a family wedding, our freedom teeters on the brink. On the other hand, when Dave the Dentist is reduced to serfdom at the whim of the courts, why, that's justice in action. True, Jamal doesn't get to go home at night, but at least he won't get charged with some fatuous crime if he fails to show the proper enthusiasm for his servitude.

Come to think of it, the blank-eyed contempt for officialdom shown by this lass is at least as in keeping with traditional British values as the idea of philosopher kings descending from the skies to tell us what the law should really be. Equally, I've got to say I even prefer the honest thuggery of the Islamofascists to these people. Islamofascists might want to saw your head off, but at least they don't insist doing so is a vital bulwark against decapitation.

UPDATE - Super Special Summary for Steve:

Contempt is the natural and rightful response of the true Briton to an elite which talks at length about civil rights, yet routinely uses forced labour.


In the comments I've been challenged about my use of the phrase 'forced labour' - so naturally I've had the commentator thrown into jail for 'contempt of blogger'. However, to address the point itself, as a right-wing maniac, I like to call things what they are. If agents of the state hammer on your door and insist you attend a rally for the Supreme Leader, I'd call that forced labour just as surely as if you had to join People's Labour Battalion No 237 cleaning up afterwards. Either way, men with guns are insisting that formerly-free citizens work for the glory of the state, which seems a roundabout way to defend freedom.

Outrage D'Jour

Apparently, there's a previously unknown section in one of the approximately 248 Firearms Acts that forbids licence holders from mocking public servants. Actually, I don't know why the Filth are just restricting it to firearms - surely they can find a way to confiscate the driving licences of folks who write disparaging letters to the paper ? Meanwhile, over at Keele, they're still baffled by the declining respect for the law.

Still Not Ready For Prime Time

It's the perfect measure of Liberals' bad faith when dealing with terrorism that they'll demand witch hunts every time there's a supposed failure in the security services, even as they ignore blatant - but less politically useful - screw-ups elsewhere.

Shouting 'Oppression' In A Crowded Theatre

I wanted to write a post about the Tories' sickening decision to appoint sleazy Sayeeda Warsi to the shadow cabinet, but time has beaten me, so I'll just stick in a link to my lithium-enhanced alter ego, and an observation.

Let's - for the sake of Warsi's despicable argument - agree that otherwise perfectly peaceful Muslims are being driven to terrorism by the perception of oppression. Given that, wouldn't that mean that Muslims who circulate bogus stories of oppression are knowingly encouraging terrorism ? Perhaps Warsi can suggest what we should do with such an individual ?

Monday, July 09, 2007

Yep, That Covers It

Cox and Forkum on Gordon Broon.

MSM Makes Big, Huge DIscovery

Note to the MSM: just because you've spent years refusing to report something, doesn't mean it counts as a shocking revelation when you finally do cover it.

A-List Outrage D'Jour

Steve reminds us of another passionate advocate for Conservative values.

Further Outrage

Lady Thatcher is supposed to be an idiot for hiring a known sleazebag like Jeffrey Archer to do the strategically vital 'speeches & raffles' role of Tory Vice Chairman. Maybe so, but at least he never tried to blow anyone up.

BBC Logic 101

Remember how back in the early days after Alan Johnson's disappearance ex-Beeboid Alan Hart explained how Johnson had actually been murdered by the JOOOOOWS ? Well, he's back. True, Alan Johnson's head still remains on his shoulders - unused though it may be - but that just proves how cunning these filthy degenerate lice are.

Remember, when the BBC warns of the dangers of right-wing extremism, they mean in contrast to the moderate, middle of the road views of people like Alan Hart.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Cameron: Art Soul

The most remarkable thing about the Tory modernisers is how behind the times they are. Take Cameron's latest policy: he wants to take on those naughty rappers.

How very 90s.

Needless to say, the actual policy itself is absurd. Even if you're a hard-line Socio-Con you can see the problem: if Call Me Dave really believes rap is driving people to eat each other, then logically he should call for it to be banned, rather than giving the producers a windfall for not producing a toxic product. Ditto, it's hard to see why folks buying fifty year old records should be - effectively - taxed because someone else is producing a dangerous product. And that's without considering the practicality of persuading start ups and the like not to produce music the public wants, in return for greater returns fifty years from now.

All of which is by way of saying that this plan ticks all the boxes for a Nu Tory policy, in that it manages to offend the maximum number of people for the minimum amount of actual end product.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Outrage D'Jour

Up to eight police officers and civilian staff are suspected of links to extremist groups including Al Qaeda.

Some are even believed to have attended terror training camps in Pakistan or Afghanistan.

Their names feature on a secret list of alleged radicals said to be working in the Metropolitan and other forces.
It's not only the fact they've been allowed to infiltrate in the first place, it's the fact PC Plod is lying to protect them:
Astonishingly, many of the alleged jihadists have not been sacked because - it is claimed - police do not have the "legal power" to dismiss them.
No power to fire members of allegedly extremist groups ? Really ?

It's the perfect barometer of where we are today that police management will persecute members of a legal political party, even while refusing to act against actual terrorist sympathisers. The double standard is even more blatant than that:
We can also reveal that one suspected jihadist officer working in the South East has been allowed to keep his job despite being caught circulating Internet images of beheadings and roadside bombings in Iraq.

He is said to have argued that he was trying to "enhance" debate about the war.
Hey, maybe these guys should have tried that.

Friday, July 06, 2007

The BBC: One Big Sleeper Cell

Here's how the BBC reports on the conviciton of Islamofasicst Omar Altimimi:
A man who stored up what police called a "vast library of terrorist material" has been jailed for nine years.

Omar Altimimi of Bolton, was convicted at Manchester Crown Court of six charges of possession of material for a purpose connected with terrorism
If you're wondering how such a dangerous nutcase got into the country in the first case, you won't find any hints at the BBC. You have to go to the Telegraph for the full story:
A failed asylum seeker who hoarded manuals on how to carry out car bombings has been jailed for nine years at Manchester Crown Court.

Omar Altimimi, 37, who had links to al-Qa'eda, was a "clean skin" who was unknown as a terror suspect when he arrived in England and applied for jobs with the police and as a teacher.
Incidentally, the story gets even better:
Altimimi came to Britain from the Netherlands in 2002 claiming asylum for himself, his wife and their three children.

He claimed benefits, including more than £100,000 from the National Asylum Support Service....

Detectives searched two homes he kept in Bolton and seized his computer.
So, even if you tax bill is kind of high, at least it's going to ensure people persecuted by the Dutch can find a home in this country - well, two of them actually.

Stupid Or Subversive ?

Sometimes, you can't tell if the Beeboids have just overdosed on the Kool Aid, or if it's some well-hidden Rightists slipping in a gag while no one's looking. Take this report of Muslim organisations publishing ads explaining how they totally don't support terrrorism (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....).

I can't work out if this line is just stupid, or brilliant satire:
Muslims from various professions have backed the campaign, including doctors.

See, I Told You We Couldn't Trust Those Buddhists!

Our would-be Deputy PM knows better than to trust those orange-robed weasels:
"These terrorists don't care who their victims are. They can come from any background, any race, any faith," she said.
While the nation braces itself for the next outrage by these meditating menaces, I believe this quote by Chairman Ann gets to the heart of the matter:
When there is a 100 percent chance, it ceases to be a profile. It's called a "description of the suspect."

Thursday, July 05, 2007

More A-List Fun

Here's a neat description of another upstanding member of the Cameron Youth.

Honeymoon Over

And just when I was almost warming to Gordon Broon too. First, we had his bizzarre 'don't mention the war' policy, now we've got the appointment of sleazy ex-UN functionary Mark Malloch Brown, a man chiefly known for two things: unhinged rants about those pesky peasants what aren't as smart as him, and being a acolyte of uber-Liberal nut George Soros, as neatly summarised here.

Atrocious Atrocity D'Jour

Let no one say the Left is scrapping the bottom of the barrel in their quest to prove how evily evil the West is. Here's Canadian newspaper The Star on the dark night of fascism that has descended on Britain:
And yesterday the arrest of two more men under Britain's Terrorism Act – reportedly on telephone tip that they were of Middle Eastern descent and had taken receipt of propane gas canisters – prompted criticisms that the hair-trigger approach of British law enforcement today is to ask questions first and release the innocent lovers of barbecue second.
Yes, because if the gas canisters had been used in a bombing, no one of the Left would use the police's refusal to investigate as the basis for a dippy conspiracy theory, mmmmmmmmmmmm ?

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Well, At Least They're Honest (Sometimes)

Crusading jounalists are a pest at the best of times, but there's a darker side to it. A journalist explains why the MSM prefer to report pretend atrocities rather than actual ones.

In other words, if there's no chance for journalists to indulge in their Robin Hood fantasies, then it didn't happen. Actual facts are merely the raw material for journalists to spin into self-glorifying nonsense. Well, we knew that anyway, but could they at least spare us the preachy sermons about their vital role in democracy ?

Motes & Beams ?

The blogosphere's chief A-lister goes for the easy laughs mocking the whole 'God sends bad weather to punish the evil' thing, but at least the Bishops explicitly cite supernatural arguments. On the other hand, Francis Maude was claiming as scientific fact that Lady Thatcher was partially responsible for his brother catching AIDS. Just who are the nuts here ?

Diverse Group of Links

Ace administers the Vulcan death grip to the MSM's 'diverse group of bombers' coverage. Fox's 1/2 Hour News has been thinking along the same lines. Meanwhile, fellow US bloggers Michelle Malkin and Debbie Schlussel remind us that the Medic-Jihad Axis isn't quite as novel as the MSM would have you believe. Of course, in a sane country, we'd be checking whether any of the arrestees have been carrying out the type of activities DS describes, but then again, who'd notice ?

Fortunately, there's always Iowahawk to give us that 'last cigarette in front of the firing squad' feeling.

Say, Does Anyone Know If Alan Johnson's Been Released ?

I can't speak to the whole of the BBC's coverage of Johnson's release, having only seen the first 45 minutes, but so far: ugh! Seriously, here's the BBC, a company which claims it can't take sides between western civilisation and terrorists, running coverage which makes the average company newsletter look like penetrating journalism.

All things considered, this is hardly an uncontroversial matter. The 'fiercely independent' BBC has been carrying water for Hamas all day. As far as I understand the BBC's line, it's that a group of Islamic fundamentalists kidnapped Johnson, until a larger group of Islamic fundamentalists told them to free him, thereby proving we're too hard on Islamic fundamentalists. Couldn't they get Andrew Gilligan to check that story out (preferably on-site) ?

For that matter, isn't one of the defences of the licence fee that it prevents the BBC being hijacked by special interests ? I'm thinking that line of argument might have died somewhere around the time we had the seventeenth case of one Beeboid interviewing another Beeboid. No doubt there's some deeper Conservative point in the case of a broadcasting company whose funding model is designed to avoid it being captured by unrepresentative minorities instead being captured by the broadcasters themselves, using public money to produce the televisual equivalent of vanity publishing. Certainly, the same kind of coverage hasn't been given to other kidnap victims.

That's the other thing about the BBC: not only is there the outright bias, but there's also the enormous arrogance of a bloated, near-monopoly. It comes out not only in today's decision to give blanket coverage to what is, at best, a human interest story, but in their decision to cut off Tony Blair's last PMQs rather than disrupt their precious schedule and - incredibly - to set off a series of explosions in a city centre just hours after a series of terror attacks. It might not be the bias that gets them after all, it may just be this swaggering sense of entitlement and sneering contempt for the public that sinks the BBC.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Best PM We Never Had ? (Part II)

Watch the clip and tell me we wouldn't have been better off electing this guy.

Report From Inside The Train Wreck

Via FC, we get this heart warming tale of governmental glasnost. I'd have more sympathy for her, if only she wasn't a member of a profession notable mainly for girly hysteria every time they're criticised.

Doctors Fear Backlash After Car Bombings

OK, I'll admit that even I was surprised to find out that a bunch of sociopaths with a elephantine superiority complex and contempt for human life all turned out to be Jihadis. Of course, that could explain a lot - they probably subcontracted the bomb-making to a nurse practitioner.

Following previous templates, I expect the government will set up a special task-force to reach out to alienated medics, you won't be able to call Mengle, Shipman or Crippen by their titles anymore and any movie featuring Hannibal Lecter will be quietly banned from TV.

Well, why not ? As the BBC reminds us, employment in the NHS is the only common factor here. Ah yes. Funnily enough, most folks tend to concentrate on the mysterious other factor, the one that also links them with the July 7 bombers, the Sep 11 hijackers, the Bali bombers, the Madrid bombers and the would-be Ministry of Sound bombers. Well, most folks outside the MSM anyway.

It's an important philosophical question actually. Do they really think we're too stupid to notice or have years of political correctness finally driven the MSM round the bend ? Just to ram the point home, while the BBC was pushing the 'no connection' line, they were also carrying articles like this.

Huh ? Are they trying to say there's some connection between Islam and terrorism ? Apparently, PC McPlod is investigating a couple of 'minor racist incidents' - well, that plus three kind of big ones, I'm guessing. Still, it's enough for the moderately moderates to go WHINECON ONE:

Mr Sarwar, MP for Glasgow Central [said] "I have spoken to a number of people from the Muslim community and the Asian community who feel very angry," he said.

"They're concerned about a backlash and that's why the emergency meeting has been called."

Not to give aid & comfort to the enemy, but these folks would probably find the whole 'moderate' act easier to pull off if they were as angry about PEOPLE TRYING TO SLAUGHTER THEIR FELLOW CITIZENS as they are about a purely theoretical 'backlash' that never actually happens.

Incidentally, if we're talking 'root causes of terrorism' an ideology where the first response to potential mass slaughter by fellow acolytes is to indulge in paranoid race baiting might have something to do with it. Don't ask the MSM though, their still busy trying to work out what it is about owning a stethoscope that drives people to attempt mass murder.

Monday, July 02, 2007

As I Was Saying....

On the subject of the Left yukking it up over terrorism, if stupid was uranium, this article would have reached critical mass around paragraph five.
Police and securocrats know that there aren't enough real terrorists in the world, which is why they have to keep manufacturing them.
Is it ironic, or just stupid, that a guy who claims there's no real threat from terrorism uses the language of the IRA ?
This is because citizens tire of being watched by cameras, frisked and x-rayed, having their belongings searched, giving fingerprints to so-called friendly nations on entry, contemplating the myriad government databases where their details and activities are preserved, and wondering if some dour little bureaucrat is reading their email or listening to them on the phone.
Personally, judging from this article, I pity the poor guy assigned to read his e-mails.
Citizens tire also of reading the rolls of the war dead fraudulently sacrificed in the name of counterterrorist "victory", and of seeing hundreds of billions spent on surveillance and private security, ridiculous wars, and security-related gimmicks and gizmos, when it could be so much better spent on, oh, needs like housing, medicine and pensions, and mitigating actual mass threats to life via such non-sexy routes as traffic safety, fire safety, vaccinations, buildings and infrastructure inspection, water treatment, and food safety.
To say nothing of the threat from run-on sentences. If Liberals are claiming the NHS stinks because of all the money spent on the security services, they may as well quit now.
But the guys with the guns and cameras and listening devices have been on a roll since 9/11, embarrassing their clip-board-toting rivals in the race for public money, even though, collectively, they've taken or made meaner far more lives than they can ever hope to protect with their strategy of violence in the name of peace, and fascism in the name of liberty.
Fascism ? We have bunch of folks who believe they are destined to conquer the entire world, exterminating large chunks of the population, while others will be permitted to live on only as slaves, and the Leftards think the fascists are the ones who oppose them ? Anyway, how come Liberals only worry about wasting public money when we're talking about national defence ? Free aromatherapy for drug addicts will pay for itself, but stopping people blowing up Trafalgar Square ? An indulgence, sir, pure indulgence!
To keep the billions rolling in, they've got to produce a terrorist every now and then.
If there's one thing in the world that needs a conspiracy theory to explain it, it's Islamic violence.
Only real terrorists are hard to come by, so clowns and stooges with harebrained schemes end up doing bin Laden's perp walk periodically.
...as opposed to the suave and debonair September 11 hijackers, with their written instructions to put on cologne, then take a shower (True!).
Today we have news from London, where a "big [explosive] device" was discovered inside a parked car near Piccadilly Circus.
You know, if quotation marks hadn't been invented, large parts of the Left would have no way to communicate.
The device consisted of petrol, propane gas cylinders, and nails.
Sounds pretty explosive to me.
The car containing it had been abandoned after its driver was observed piloting it erratically, crashing it, then running off, like a true professional.
But how do you become a professional suicide bombers ? Seems to me that just as soon as you're getting to grips with it, it's time to push the button.
Ambulance workers called to assist nearby noticed what they initially thought was smoke inside the car, but which likely was petrol vapour, and contacted police.
But...but...surely those pesky securocrats were just waiting to leap out of nowhere and defuse the bomb ?
Bomb disposal specialists made it safe, and police officials and politicians began slyly invoking the terrorist bogeyman.
Yep, a huge car bomb is found and police start thinking about terrorism. They're funny that way.
Heaven forbid the public should be starved of their regular fear rations.
Yep, without the dark forces of the state, no one would ever think to connect a car bomb to terrorists.
"As the police and security services have said on so many occasions, we face a serious and continuous threat to our country", day-old PM Gordon Brown said.
Meanwhile, Liberals told us it was all gigglesville, right up until the debate was finally resolved on July 7 2005.
"But this incident does recall the need for us to be vigilant at all times and the public to be alert at any potential incidents."

And what an incident. "It is obvious that if the device had detonated there could have been serious injury or loss of life", Deputy Assistant Commissioner Peter Clarke intoned gravely.
See ? What a bunch of squares! One car bombing and they're all making sad faces.
Ah, if it had detonated. Yes, it could have been a real horror.
As opposed to real terrorist bombs, which are so deadly they don't even have to explode.
Only, the device could not have detonated. Not under any circumstances.
Any circumstances ?
You see, the terrorist wannabe clown who built it left out a crucial element: an oxidiser.
So, in Liberal land 'not under any circumstances' turns out to mean 'addition of a single element'. Ah yes!
The device was pure pre-teen boy fantasy.
Except built by thirty-somethings, and deadly with the addition of one more ingredient.
"We'll heat up these propane cylinders with burning petrol, and they'll go off like bombs", boys the world over have remarked with glee.
Not 'boys'.
They don't realise that air is a poor oxidiser, and the only "explosion" they will get is when gas pressure inside the cylinders is great enough to burst them. Then the propane will ignite, and a nice fireball will blossom. A fireball, not an explosion.
Fireball, smireball! Like that'll kill anyone!
Oh, the Piccadilly fireball would have blown the car's windows out, and popped its doors open, and sent various bits like mirrors and so forth into the air at velocities possibly fatal to people nearby.
Hmmm.....it's almost like some kind of bomb.
It would have looked really cool, that's for sure. But an explosive event...a detonation?
No, just a huge fireball with shrapnel flying all over the place. Other than that, nothing much.
Not in a million years.
Or until you add a single element.
Sorry lads:
Actually, experienced doctors.
you failed car bombing 101; you did not attend a single lecture; you did not even open the textbook.
Yet they still managed to get within spitting distance of a massacre. Hmmmmm..... sounds like we need to tighten up before the first team takes to the field.
Some stupid people did a stupid thing.
Mass murder = 'a stupid thing', y'know, kind of like TPing your mate's car or shaving his hair off while he's passed out.
Yes, they might have injured or killed one or two passers-by,
As if that matters....
but any body count would have come in spite of them, not as a product of their efforts.
I'll sure that'd make the families of the dead feel much better.
You and I are more likely to have been killed accidentally by the lousy driver than intentionally by his Beavis and Butthead car bomb.
'His' ? Uh, team effort, dude! Meanwhile, in so far as you're more likely to die from the Big C rather than in a road accident, I'm sure our intrepid moonbat will be downing a bottle of vodka before going for a drive.
This should have been dismissed for what it is: an event on the level of some teenagers getting a tremendously foolish notion, and being drunk enough for it to appeal to them.
Drunk Islamic fundamentalists. Who said Leftist multicultutralism was just a front for hatred of the West ?
But we're hearing whispers of terrorism instead - much as we heard from the Americans when they foiled a "terrorist plot" to blow up fuel storage tanks at Kennedy International.
Yep, whenever you try and blow something up and kill loads of people, people start talking about terrorism. It's just like Nazi Germany!
It would have been devastating, prosecutors told us.
See ? This is what I mean about Liberal contempt for the public. really, most folks managed to get the whole 'explosive + jet fuel = no fun' thing worked out long before those naughty lawyers got involved.
Only that "plot" had the same hole in it: air makes a lousy oxidiser.
Or, to put it another way, once again they were one element off mass slaughter.
If it had been carried out, it would certainly have made a bigger fireball than the one in London would have made. But that's about it.
So, like the London bombers, they had the means and the desire to create mass slaughter, they just lacked the final bit of technical know-how to get them over the line. And this proves terrorism is a myth how exactly ?
So why is this such big news?
People take bombs personally ?
Because clowns have got to be passed off as terrorists.
Car bombers = 'clowns'. But you can trust the Left on terrorism.
Because a vast industry depends on terrorists, real and imagined, to justify its existence.
Yes, the vast industry of stopping people being blown up, as opposed to the Left's powerbase in small-scale, cottage industries, like law, education and ecolunacy.
We live now in the grip of the security-industrial complex, and that hungry beast demands to be fed.
You know, if you're writing an article mocking the Right for being too worried about terrorists, it's probably not a good idea to come across like Fox Mulder's schizo brother.
We feed it money hand over fist, and in return, it feeds us fear biscuits, which we are expected to accept with gratitude.
The least it could do is feed us some decent metaphors.
Roll over. Sit up and beg. See the bad man? Good citizen; here's your bickie.
Yep, without the looming forces of the security-industrial complex, us sheeple would never connect car bombing with evil.

OK, so that's the end of the stupid, and I've only got two things to say. One is that you'd think a guy from Dublin would be more practised at making excuses for terrorist scum. The second thing is a little deeper.

It's tempting to explain the strand of Liberal nonsense of which this is a too-perfect-to-make-up example as simply the result of the nihilism of the modern Left. All large parts of the Left has left is a juvenile, sneering contempt for our civilisation. Of course car bombing simply provokes them into a round of eye-rolling 'yeah, rights'. They have absolutely no other contribution to make to the debate other than knee-jerk contrariness.

Still, I think there's more to it than that. I remember Len Deighton's line about Chamberlain deciding to treat Hitler as though he was a rational man simply because he had no idea what to do if he was not. So it is with Liberals, so far down the post-modern rabbit hole that they have to believe that Jihad is a myth and Islam is a religion of peace. To believe anything else, would demand they abandon the comforting idiocies of Liberalism.

Liberals Increase Alert Status From "Denial' To 'Deluded'

The Jihadis may not have achieved much in terms of damage or casualties, but they've sure blown a hole through Liberal delusions.

Let's start with how almost as soon as the first bomb had been defused, Libs were scrambling to claim that it was 'obviously' all the work of a lone maniac.


Apparently, all that time the Left was arguing that there were no terrorists, what they really meant was that there were lots of terrorists, just like those fascists on the Right said, but they were really bad at chemistry. Nuance!

I'd call this the C3PO strategy, as in 'lock the door and hope they don't have blasters' - except Liberals prefer an open door policy. We're just lucky these people can't get any help from abroad. Meanwhile, we're left wondering about a group of folks who freak out at the thought of a maths teacher owning a Glock 9mm, but think lunatics with car bombs are cute, providing they don't have the formula exactly right.

Still, it's quite inspiring to see folks who worked themselves into a fury about allegations that that MI-5 didn't take the July 7 bombers seriously enough now yukking it up about three attempted car bombings - and when I say 'inspiring', I mean in the sense of 'nauseating'. Let's check the scorecard here. Multiple bombings carried out, but a flaw in planning prevents mass casualties: no real threat from terrorism. Multiple bombings carried out, with mass casualties: no real threat from terrorism, except when MI-5 let it happen. By my reckoning, this kind of logic makes the Left the 'First Wives' of politics.

Meanwhile, the Old Grey Lady rolled out the Grey Old Excuse:
In July 2005, four suicide bombers killed 52 people on London’s transit system, and another set of attacks failed two weeks later, bringing home to Britain fears of homegrown terrorist attacks among its disenfranchised South Asian population.
Always assuming you count Mercedes-driving graduates with 121K in the bank as as 'disenfranchised' rather than what the Left normally calls them: 'yuppie scum'. Still, that line might have worked for the Left, if the Low-Flying Doctors hadn't crashed into Glasgow Airport (also, much like Germaine Lindsey, they weren't from Pakistan either). Hmmmm..... must be something else that links these people.

Still, the last word, as ever, goes to the Great Steyn.