Thursday, July 19, 2007

Really Stupid Memes Of Our Times

Via Alison at ATW, I find out that after only six years of denial, the Left has finally come up with a new talking point for the war on terror. Apparently, Conservatives are just like Hitler....Osama!

Well, you know, it's sort of new, in the sense of they've changed the name. Hey, at least we've now got Liberals on record as saying that Osama's a bad guy - that's progress of a sort, even if their main charge against him seems to be that he reminds them of Melanie Philips.

In case you're wondering the resemblance between Conservatives and Bin Laden is that the Right deplores the sociological cesspit of modern Britain, and so does Binnie. See, it's a perfect match. Given that Bin Laden has started complaining about Kyoto, giant corporations and the exploitation of women by the US, the Left should probably think carefully about pushing that line of thought.

Leaving aside all that though, the argument itself doesn't stand up. The Left wants to polarise the debate, so that you can either support the 'Clockwork Orange' world of Nu Britain, or you're an Islamofascist sympathiser - or, to put it another way, the Left believes exactly the same thing Osama does. True, they fall on different sides of the fence, but Islamofascists have long argued that the West is synonomous with depravity, and only Islam can stand up to this degeneracy, now here's some westerners confirming that. Binnie would love it.

No matter how hard the MSM tries to ram the Liberal lifestyle down people's throats, there'll always be some people left on the kerb by the prospect of spending their life splashing round the cesspit. These are the people Islam appeals to.

In so far as traditional Conservatives offer a way to live as distinct from either the vacuous hedonism of the Left or the fascist idiocies of Islam, I don't think Osama would approve. But there's something deeper here. Another Liberal hate figure explains:
The nullity of the modern multicultural state is the heart of the problem. We talk airily about "moderate Muslims," but the reality is that Islam is moderated mainly by the overarching culture--often a dictatorial culture, such as the Soviet Union or the Suharto regime in Indonesia, but sometimes something less so. There is no reason for Islam to moderate itself in a land that declares we worship only donuts or topless sunbathers.
Exactly. This latest meme is just the most recent example of Liberals decrying everyone who rejects the Liberal lifestyle as borderline fascists. The only value Liberals will accept is the absence of values. But who on Earth would die for such a nihilistic mess ? A clash between Islamofascist fanatics and the Left's Nu British Man - always assuming he could sober up and get out of bed in the first place - will only end one way. If the West is to survive, the first thing we'll need is a reason why it's worth fighting for.

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