Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Official: We're Not Insane After All

Nothing highlights the bias of the BBC like the topic of BBC bias. Take the BBC's new series of training courses, designed to teach their staff not to lie like rugs. The BBC has, quite correctly, been given oddles of stick over this already, but there's something more to it than merely questions about what it reveals about the BBC's recruitment policies or its spendthrift ways.

People have been pointing out the BBC's flexible ethics for years, only to be told they were a) insane, b) bigots, c) idiots or d) all of the above. Now, as if by magic, the BBC has suddenly announced that yes, their staff are moraly dyslexic after all. Gosh, someone should have said something!

If the BBC hadn't be caught so blatantly bang to rights, calling it unethical would still be proof positive that you were a retarded lunatic fascist. As it is, the BBC has implicitly admitted that its critics were 100% right, even while still steadfastly refusing to acknowledge their existence. Instead, these latest scandals are presented in a vacuum. In effect, the BBC's position is that its behaviour was completely unethical, but only in those cases where the evidence is overwhelming - everywhere else its conduct was unimpeachable! It's going to take more than training courses to cure a culture like that.

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