Thursday, July 26, 2007

Working Class Hero Targeted By Internationalist Conspiracy

Things must be getting grim for the Cameroonatics: they've managed to find their most obnoxious talking point yet. Here's Cameron fanboy Quentin Letts spinning for the member for Rwanda East:
Mr Cameron had just flown in from Rwanda where he visited a memorial to the worst genocide for 60 years.

Would there have been such a row about his absence from the country if, say, he had been visiting the Holocaust memorial in Israel? I doubt it.
Too subtle ? Later in the same article, we're graced with this point:
I do not recall Neil Kinnock or John Smith or Tony Blair being so roughly shouted at when leading the Opposition. Lord Kinnock has often complained about his bad press. Mr Cameron has recently taken an even more widespread tonking from a fourth estate of editorial sycophants and neo-Con nutters.
Yep, he's broken the code: we don't hate Cameron because he's a sneering, amoral, aristocratic wastrel with a superiority complex - amongst several thousand other things - it's because our 'neo-Con' masters have ordered us to oppose him. Just wait until Letts finds out that they also timed the floods to strike just when Cameron was out of the country.

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