Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Cows On The Runway

The Remittance Man passes on news of another great moment in Nu Brit culture. The bit I can't work out is why they phoned the Coastguard. Who do they call when their boat starts sinking ? Mountain Rescue ?

Still, amusing though it is to laugh at a school outing for some of Britain's finest up-coming welfare mothers, it's hardly a one off. Au contrair, it's the spirit of the age. Never mind mocking the Jihadis and their top secret weapon, the Sub-Human Torch - they still managed to inflict twenty casualties without even carrying a weapon. Equally, a crime committed by 2 Jihadis resulted in 1200 people being detained. Let's hear the civil liberties creeps complain about that.

Let's not be too harsh on Glasgow Airport though. In fact, let's even give the Cow Tamers a break. The way things are these days, acting stupid can be the smart option. It's what I was writing about yesterday. With the state constantly looking over your shoulder ready to shout 'Gotcha!, who wouldn't play safe ? Of course, with diabetics hovering on the edge of coma, playing safe isn't all that safe, but it's that or have people act like actual citizens rather than serfs.

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