Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Interestingly, Steve - who's both more Libertarian and more pro-Islamic than me - does not approve of this woman. Personally, I'm all for anyone who'll stick two fingers up to folks who'll wax lyrical about civil liberties, even while they zealously guard their right to seize innocent citizens at the drop of a hat.

As I understand current policy, it's that when Special Branch question Jamal Jihadi as he returns from a six-month trip to a family wedding, our freedom teeters on the brink. On the other hand, when Dave the Dentist is reduced to serfdom at the whim of the courts, why, that's justice in action. True, Jamal doesn't get to go home at night, but at least he won't get charged with some fatuous crime if he fails to show the proper enthusiasm for his servitude.

Come to think of it, the blank-eyed contempt for officialdom shown by this lass is at least as in keeping with traditional British values as the idea of philosopher kings descending from the skies to tell us what the law should really be. Equally, I've got to say I even prefer the honest thuggery of the Islamofascists to these people. Islamofascists might want to saw your head off, but at least they don't insist doing so is a vital bulwark against decapitation.

UPDATE - Super Special Summary for Steve:

Contempt is the natural and rightful response of the true Briton to an elite which talks at length about civil rights, yet routinely uses forced labour.


In the comments I've been challenged about my use of the phrase 'forced labour' - so naturally I've had the commentator thrown into jail for 'contempt of blogger'. However, to address the point itself, as a right-wing maniac, I like to call things what they are. If agents of the state hammer on your door and insist you attend a rally for the Supreme Leader, I'd call that forced labour just as surely as if you had to join People's Labour Battalion No 237 cleaning up afterwards. Either way, men with guns are insisting that formerly-free citizens work for the glory of the state, which seems a roundabout way to defend freedom.

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