Tuesday, July 17, 2007

White Guilt 101

Yes, indeed: Liberals have moved on from pushing multiculturalism. Now they believe in assimilation - specifically, that majority population must assimilate with everyone else, all at once.

At least, that's my interpretation of this. Let's leave aside the question of just how many 'all-white' schools there are in Britain, and we'll even ignore the Left's crude equation of race with culture. Just on first principles, there's something truly bananas in the idea that it's the natives that need to adjust to incomer's cultures.

Not to be crude, but with the homies busting caps in each other elbows, and the RoPers stabbing their dishonourable sisters to death, I'm kind of thinking those cultures could do with a little input from the natives, not the other way round. Or, to be less crude, in so far as these folks have come to Britian, that would tend to suggest a desire to get away from heavily-armed yardies and mad mullahs.

For that matter, in which parallel universe are schools hot beds of right-wing extremism ? If the Libs think the average staff room is too right-wing for them, they may as well give up now. Still, after years when schools could get turn out illiterates with no consequences, it's sickening to see the Left threatening to close down schools which don't push the Kool Aid hard enough.

In it's own way though, there's something heroic about the Left's monomania. Back when immigration was vaguely under control, they supported multiculturalism as a way to stop immigrants assimilating into British culture. Now, in the era of open borders, they've moved onto to actively trying to prevent schools teaching British culture. The techniques may change, but the hatred of Britain stays the same.

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