Thursday, July 19, 2007

Outrage D'Jour

Why does anyone in Britain even talk about feminism ? It's an ideology that was totally exposed as far back as 4th May 1979. That was the day a female Head of State appointed a female Head of Government, and every feminist in the country explained how it didn't count, as Lady Thatcher wasn't a real woman. Or, to put it another way, that was the day the women's movement outed themselves as a bunch of Liberal hacks.

Nothing has changed in the intervening years. Feminists will yammer about oppression when it suits the Left's agenda, but actual oppression gets a pass just as long as its committed by the right people. All of which brings us onto today's lesson in sleaze.

Isn't that just super! On the one hand, we have an actual rape, on the other we have a group of race pimps reporting 'twenty or so' (note the precision) 'assaults & attacks... directly relating to previous reports of the case' (and don't none of you Nazis ask how they hell they determined that!).

Funnily enough, I'd have guessed that PC Plod would already have heard about any 'assaults and attacks' - whether journalism related or not. Of course, any reported cases would be subject to actual investigation - not that that could in any way explain the reluctance of the alleged 'victims' to report the cases.

Personally, I'm kind of thinking the poor image of the Islamopath might be a chicken and egg deal. When you're talking about people whose first thought on hearing that a member of their community might be a brutal rapist is 'Quick! Let's stop anyone talking about that', yes, I think 'scumbags' is fair comment.

It's a perfect example of modern British life. Police aren't allowed to track down a suspect in a real crime, for fear of offending a bunch of Islamofascists citing made-up cases. Apparently, reporting actual facts, such as that police are seeking an Islamopath in connection with a rape, is verboten for fear that it may incite other crimes (even though there's no evidence it has), but there's no way police soft-pedalling an investigation into a serious felony could in any way encourage further offences.

Still, at least we've found a way to shut the femiloons up. True, a lass from an actual rape support group has criticised the decision, but that kind of emphasises the disgraceful cowardice of the feminists. The police deliberately hobbling the hunt for a predator is hardly some fringe issue. When a group noted mainly for borderline hysteria even about trivial issues sits out a case like this, that's testimony both to the true nature of these people, and the iron grip of victimhood poker on the Left.

(A tip of the hat to JuliaM)

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