Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Evil, Racist, Moron Bigots Proven Right (Again)

The Tories are shocked - shocked! - to find out that Tory A-lister Ali Miraj turns out to be a race-hustling bum with a sense of entitlement nearly as big as Dave's. Who'd have guessed it would end like this ?

Well, alright, maybe one or two of us did. Meanwhile, the Cult of Dave called us Nazis, bigots and Nazi bigots. Also: stupid. Call it a shot in the dark, but as a general rule, I'm thinking that people arguing from prejudice and racism would tend to construct lousy arguments and ludicrous predictions. Not to blow our own trumpet, but the Right called the shot and the pocket here.

No matter how sleazy Miraj's manoeuvring is, that of the Tories who enabled him is worse. Back when he was only targeting the British Right, the Tories thought he was the Martin Luther King de nos jours, speaking truthiness to power. The only thing that's changed is the target of Miraj's vile, racist rhetoric. Back when he was 'merely' shouting 'fire!' in the crowded theatre of British ethnic politics, the Tories were OK with that. It was only when he took a shot at the Dear Leader that their moral sense suddenly started tingling. They deserve each other.

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