Friday, July 20, 2007

Further Outrage!

Further to the story of the secret rapist, here are the thoughts of race-hustling idiot Sonia Francis-Mills, the director of the Devon Racial Equality Council:
I think the police often just want to feel collars.
If only!

Still, it's nice to see the 'tough on crime' Left's real position stated so openly - true, the police need to make the odd arrest to maintain credibility, but the Left thinks they should have bigger fish to fry.

It gets better:
If [the police] had contacted us earlier we may have been able to help track him down through people within the community.
Yep, if only the police had abased themselves before these communidee leaders, they might have generously consented to let PC Plod track down a suspect in a serious sex crime. See - they are as gracious as they are smart.

That's what this debate is really about, allowing the race pimps to establish their own personal fiefdoms. Of course these folks are free to argue that the law of the land shouldn't apply to them, but I don't see why we should pay them public money to do so.

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