Monday, July 30, 2007

How Carboard Boxes Prove Supremacy Of Marxist-Leninism

Yep, it's another Great Leap Forward for science: licensed scientists have proven that living in a Marxist dictatorship gives people a greater sense of empathy - thereby making this perhaps the gayest excuse yet for tyranny.

I could point out that there might just be one or two confounding variables here, but that misses the more interesting point. What's with all this talk about 'American culture' and 'Chinese culture' ? Surely all cultures are the same, except for the dancing ? Oops, no. Having a network of labour camps, not having one, who's to say which is best ? But 'empathy', now that there's some hard-edged metric. So other cultures are either every bit as valid as Western culture or they're better, all of which is by way of saying that this is yet another way in which Liberalism has become the ideology of first wives everywhere.

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