Thursday, July 26, 2007

Save The Cameron!

Events darn sarf must have been even more devastating to the Tories than I thought. Cameroonie Alice Thompson provides a six point plan for the Tories that turns out to be just one point repeated six times: scream even louder.

You know, it's times like this when I begin to suspect the credibility of the Cameroonie's claim to be the Smartest People Evah!.

Still, I sense danger. There's talk of trouble at t'mill. Include me out. That's not because I believe it's too late to undo the damage Cameron caused - although I do, and it's not because I think any attempted coup will fail - also true. It's about the nature of the Tories.

The point is that while Cameron is no kind of Conservative, he is very much a Tory. Cameron is a symptom as well as a cause. Cameron's snobbery, arrogance, sense of entitlement and narcisissm are entirely characteristic of a large block of Tories. Now, they're finally free to implement their agenda, they're suddenly discovering the downside of power: accountability. Yet, as if by magic, it suddenly turns that their cunning plans are being derailed by a dark conspiracy of counter-revolutionaries - and never mind that the Right has been far more loyal to Cameron than his faction ever was to any other leader in the past thirty years.

I'm thinking we're seeing the start of a 'stabbed in the back' myth. Yep, 'Cameron would have won the general election if it wasn't for those meddling Conservatives'. Enough already, there is no issue on which the Cameroonatics have not got their way - even to the point of turning a formerly-serious political party into a personality cult - so it's a bit late for them to claim they coulda been a contender.

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