Friday, July 06, 2007

The BBC: One Big Sleeper Cell

Here's how the BBC reports on the conviciton of Islamofasicst Omar Altimimi:
A man who stored up what police called a "vast library of terrorist material" has been jailed for nine years.

Omar Altimimi of Bolton, was convicted at Manchester Crown Court of six charges of possession of material for a purpose connected with terrorism
If you're wondering how such a dangerous nutcase got into the country in the first case, you won't find any hints at the BBC. You have to go to the Telegraph for the full story:
A failed asylum seeker who hoarded manuals on how to carry out car bombings has been jailed for nine years at Manchester Crown Court.

Omar Altimimi, 37, who had links to al-Qa'eda, was a "clean skin" who was unknown as a terror suspect when he arrived in England and applied for jobs with the police and as a teacher.
Incidentally, the story gets even better:
Altimimi came to Britain from the Netherlands in 2002 claiming asylum for himself, his wife and their three children.

He claimed benefits, including more than £100,000 from the National Asylum Support Service....

Detectives searched two homes he kept in Bolton and seized his computer.
So, even if you tax bill is kind of high, at least it's going to ensure people persecuted by the Dutch can find a home in this country - well, two of them actually.

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