Thursday, November 29, 2007

This Is Real Reporting

On the subject of MSM non-reporting, consider what they are covering instead. Regular readers will know I liked Helen Brown's exposure of the MSM's Amy Winehouse pile-on. The thing is though that I've totally changed my mind. As a careful analysis of the Daily Mail's recent output shows, there is no truth in the rumours that the MSM believes in kicking a girl when she's down:
23 Nov 2007 Amy Winehouse's heartbreak as husband Blake faces Christmas in jail

24 Nov 2007: Is Amy Winehouse snorting a 'mystery substance' while performing live on stage?

24 Nov 2007: Thank God my son's in jail, says Amy Winehouse's mother-in-law

25 Nov 2007 : Red alert: Amy Winehouse's scarlet nose hints that recent troubles are taking their toll

25 Nov 2007 Help at last? Amy Winehouse on the verge of checking into rehab

26 Nov 2007: [story from 25 Nov 2007 still in same position]

27 Nov 2007: Troubled Amy cancels rest of her tour: 'I can't perform without my Blake'

28 Nov 2007: 'I can't perform without my Blake': Amy 'back in rehab' after cancelling tour
Who's writing this garbage ? Mark Chapman ?

Apart from being a classic case for S-linking (as in 'no point linking to a load of s***'), I've got to say that the whole distinction between highly-trained journalists and the rumour-mongering maroons in the blogopshere - I'm not really seeing it.


These people are shameless. Here's the latest:
30 Nov 2007: Amy forgets about rehab and goes furniture shopping instead
Uh...who mentioned rehab anyway ? Meanwhile, you have to go to Guido's place to see the letter from the head of the Labour Party in the People's Republic of Caledonia to a guy she'd never heard of. So remind me again, which one is the gossip monger and which are the certified journopersons ?

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