Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Arsonists Call For Cut In CO2 Emissions

The Guardian is having fun with the British public's appalling grasp of geography. Huh ?

Somebody remind me: what side of the spectrum was it that claimed we shouldn't be teaching the 'kids' actual facts, nope, instead the syllabus should be full of ecolunacy, Third World victimhood and sundry other examples of tomfoolery ?

Even faced with evidence of the damage caused, the Guardian can't step away from the kool aid. The self-same article includes - apparently approvingly - this quote from the chief executive of the Geographical Association:
Geography helps us make sense of the world and face vital issues such as climate change, energy, food production, the 'war on terror', water and poverty. It also touches all our lives every day, from businesses to schools, government to hospitals.
Yep, the 'facing vital issues' thing is covered, it's the whole 'learning stuff' thing that's gone AWOL.

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