Thursday, November 01, 2007

Setting The Terms Of The Debate

I was tempted to write a 'See, I Told You' post about the Mohammed Kendeh case, but Ross beat me to it. Besides, predicting sleazy behaviour from libs isn't such a stretch. Still, the question I posed at the time remains unanswered: if you believe that murdering people (or indeed being a serial sexual predator) is no reason to deny anyone the right to stay in Britain, in what sense do you not support open borders ?

See, this is where I think the right has made a mistake. We've allowed liberals to claim the debate is about 'immigration'. Really ? Are crowds of people protesting outside Old Trafford chanting 'Hey, hey, save your millions, don't buy any more Brazilians' ? Is all the talk down the Dog & Duck about how foreign PhDs are pouring into Britain and taking all the research jobs ? Hmmmm.... maybe 'immigration' isn't the thing after all.

Nope, the issue is open borders. The left thinks Britain should be like Hyde Park, with everyone in the world permitted to come and go as they please. The right thinks we should, as a minimum, stop the mad axeman opening a Birmingham office (and being given a free house to help him do it). That's what the debate is about, not any mythical rightists hanging around outside the Infirmary with placards reading 'English Surgeons For English Tumours'.

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