Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Any Chance We Can Import Some Decent Politicians ?

As with much else involving David Cameron, what's so repulsive about the defenestration of Nigel Hastilow is not so much the specifics of the case - bad though they are - so much as what it reveals about just how completely the Nu Tories have bought into the liberal agenda.

Consider that Mr Hastilow's thought crime was to say that mass immigration has changed Britain dramatically. Not only is this what we on the right call a 'fact', it's also something liberals themselves would say, albeit in their case it would be by way of explaining how dowdy old Britain was sparked into life by all those vibrant immigrants. In other words, the left's 'hate speech' dog won't hunt.

Nope, it wasn't anything Mr Hastilow said, it was the saying anything. So now we now: even to mention immigration is a thought crime. There is literally nothing a right-winger can say about immigration that doesn't count as 'racist' - and this from a party that still calls itself 'Conservative'.

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