Friday, November 23, 2007

I'll See Your Polly, And Raise You A Patty

Ross points out that libs still manage to regard Sweden as a lefty Nirvana despite the country being at pretty much 180' to mainstream liberalism in several important respects. This is true, but it still doesn't beat the left's craziest multi-culti moment. Here's Senator Patty Murray talking soon after Sep 11:
[Bin Laden has been] out in these countries for decades, building schools, building roads, building infrastructure, building day care facilities, building health care facilities, and the people are extremely grateful.
Yep, Osama was busy building day care facilities for all those women juggling a career and raising kids under the Taliban.

Somehow, 'ignorance' doesn't quite cover it. Liberal multi-culturalism doesn't actually stretch to knowing anything about other cultures. For libs, the rest of the world serves merely as a useful 'Other' to be compared favourably to Britain. That's why libs see no tension between praising both ultra-libertine Holland and repressive hell holes like Pakistan. Coherency isn't their thing - they hate Britain that's all you need to know.

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