Sunday, November 18, 2007


The Major government might have been notorious for jobs for the boys, but at least they were real jobs. Nu Labour appear to have taken it a stage further, appointing their mates to non-jobs which seem mainly to involve being paid government money to lobby the government.

How does that work then ? Isn't that the political equivalent of trying to give up smoking by hiding your cigarettes ? Oh wait, I'll just see if they're on top of the cupboard....

Yep, you have to give them that: they've found the only way to make liberalism more annoying: make people pay for potemkin lobbying groups to create a pretendey groundswell of opinion in favour of even more liberalism. In so far as we keep getting reminded that Lady Thatcher appointed Archer to be deputy chairman of the Conservative Party, let the record show she never gave him a huge wodge of other people's cash to try and prove that the public was crying out for the poll tax.

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