Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Mob Wuz Right

P J O'Rourke once claimed that the best way to tell what a government department did was to watch it when it was doing nothing. In the same spirit I'd say that if you want to see the true nature of the MSM, avoid the obvious battlegrounds of politics and culture war and instead check out the reporting on issues such as showbiz and sport.

Which brings me onto last night's disgrace.

Actually, I'd disagree with the assertion that England went out of Euro 2008 last night. Yesterday was just the final act, there were already enough warning signs to make the impending disaster obvious to anyone - except the MSM.

Even as the final collapse approached, the newspapers were still giving over acres of newsprint to snooty 'professional journalists' sneering at the ignorant yahoos who couldn't appreciate the true skill of the Steve. Well, why not ? The McClaren Era was almost entirely a product of the MSM.

At any time during the McClaren years you could have randomly dialled 100 phone numbers and not got through to anyone who thought he was the man for the job. Not since Graham Taylor has a man commanded so little support coming into the job - and so conspicuously failed to rise to the challenge once in office. It was the MSM which lobbied for him to get the job, and the MSM that sustained him in office with their refusal to present opposition to McClaren as anything other than the mindless rantings of lunatics. Well, now we know, final score is in: knuckle-dragging scum 1, arrogant yuppie-scum elitist MSM trash 0.

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