Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Crunch Time

Great quote here from David Henshaw. Who he ? MD of the company that produced 'Undercover Mosque'
Context? No one from the West Midlands Police, the CPS or Green Lane Mosque has yet given us the correct context for the notion that women are born deficient, that homosexuals should be thrown off a mountain or that young girls who refuse to wear the hijab should be hit.
Well, quite.

Still, no matter how well Henshaw writes, there's a honking great elephant on the table he has to keeping tangoing around. How did we get to the point where it's considered racist to report that someone said what they did, in fact, say ? Well, funny you should ask that Mr Mediadude, 'cause I'm pretty sure it was folks like you endlessly yammering about the racism of the natives that played a large part in all that. If you yourself have played a part in the creation of pretendey racist bogeymen in the first place, then you kind of lose a lot of sympathy

Yep, it's always great to see a mainstream player decouple himself from the kool aid, but sooner or later these folks are going to have to acknowledge the ever-growing chasm between modern liberalism and the fundamentals of western civilisation. Riding two horses can be a neat trick - but only in the circus.

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