Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Hey, You Know What We Need More Of In Britain ?

As I understand the left's position on Islam and democracy, it's that Iraq is not ready for democratic government, and so we should have left it in the hands of the nice Mr Hussein. On the other hand, Musharraf must be made to hold elections by next Tuesday.

At risk of stating the obvious, Musharraf hasn't gassed huge numbers of people, invaded neighbouring countries or fired rockets at Israel - plus he beats up lawyers. If 'stability' is your thing, Musharraf should be your guy, but now the left are in touch with their inner neo-con, and justice must be done, though the heavens fall.

There's a nice summary of just how screwed up Pakistan is over here. Still, no matter how nutty the locals in Peshawar are, they're beaten by the folks in the open borders lobby, busily insisting that the whole 'culture' thing is just a myth dreamed up by Nazi bigots like us.

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