Tuesday, November 20, 2007

How Not To Defend Abortion (Part II)

If libs are going to try and convince us that they really don't like abortion and only support it as a desperate last resort, they might want to try not going completely feral when dealing with abortion opponents.

Take the left's latest attack on Tory MP Nadine Dorries. She's been a marked woman since she came out against the liberal consensus on abortion but even so the left has excelled itself in recent days.

Some leftist turd has grievance mined the Facebook entries of Dorries' daughters and, finding nothing sufficiently - or even slightly - damaging, has decided to quote a hip young black dude's comments using the dreaded 'n-word' as though they came from one of the daughters herself, thereby implying that she's a RACIST.

Actually, the fact the same word can be the worst word evah! or just hip slang depending on the race of the user should give most people pause for thought, but I can't imagine that would be a problem for any leftists.

Incidentally, you will note that the lefty bottom feeder in question is one of the very same self-appointed blogpolice who keep whining about the need for civility on the net - civility being defined as 'no conservatives allowed'.

Still, back to the main point. Check the time line here: Dorries comes out against abortion while-U-wait and the Left smears her daughter as a Nazi. Huh ?

Don't bother trying to follow their logic - there isn't any. There's no point there other than to inflict pain and distress on their opponents, even if they have to target family members to do it. Smearing their opponents children is SOP for liberals these days - their arguments are that good.

No wonder the left is obsessed with the need to close down right-wing speech. With debating skills like that on show, they're not really equipped for the battle of ideas.

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