Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sudan Dose Of Reality

Include me out of the Gillian Gibbons pity party. Yes, being jailed for teddy bear nomenclature related crimes seems harsh, but it's more than flesh and blood should have to take seeing libs act as though this they've never heard of such a thing. Islamolunacy in Sudan ? Who was hiding that from the left ?

If nothing else, this counts as a nice warm-up for a run at a Darwin Award, but you just know Gibbons will turn out to be one of these tranzi freaks whose whole philosophy of life is based on John Lennon lyrics. Now suddenly - following a cast iron pattern that's nevertheless manages to evade every liberal - it turns out the right was right: Islam is not just not just another 'faith tradition' after all. On the one hand, you have the West, crucifixes in urine and all. On the other, there's Islam with teddy bear related floggings. Choose one.

Again, we're back with this week's theme: liberal multiculturalism only works providing you don't let yourself get bogged down in actually knowing anything about other cultures.

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