Monday, November 05, 2007

Liberals Celebrate Victory Over Liberalism

Liberals are all-a-flutter after the latest victory in the war on terror - yep, they've managed to nail the filth for health & safety violations supposedly committed during the Martyrdom of St Jean Charles de Fraudia. After a two year witch hunt, they've finally managed to bag the police on charges of having a noisy control room and the like. That's how much libs hate the pigs: no noisy radios.

Hmmm....are they sure that's such a good thing ? Don't we risk perpetuating the 'cycle of violence' ? What about the vast majority of peaceful police officers ? Maybe we should hold off on using the word 'police' in favour of a 'non-emotive lexicon' instead ?

You know, if liberals were as enraged by terrorists as they are by the people who fight them, they might have some credibility when they talk about counter-terrorism. Liberals keep insisting they're super-opposed to terrorism, it's just they think the best way to fight it is by doing the complete opposite to what any rational person would do.

Conservatives should try that. We should announce that we totally buy into anthropogenic global warming, it's just that we think tax breaks for buying 4x4s is the way to fight it.

Meanwhile, in so far as even mainstream liberals flirt with 7/7 trutherism, their position at the moment appears to be that the security forces in July 2005 were both too paranoid about terrorism and too relaxed, alternately ignoring evidence of incoming attacks, and shooting perfectly innocent fraudsters.

Right now, the left is trying to push the line that the Met's conviction means that PC Plod is a moron and so the police need to be remade into the Nu Police, with the top brass replaced by PC PCs, politically sound mangagers ready to ram reform down the throats of the Neanderthal truncheon-monkeys. The trouble is, as some of us pointed out at the time, they've already done that, to the point where this operation was run entirely by libs, not only in terms of the top brass, but even the actual commander, the howlingly deranged Oxbridge liberal Cressida Dick (meanwhile, I'm guessing two years wouldn't be enough time to find a liberal media outlet breathing a word of criticism of this loony hag).

Not only was the operation run by liberals, it was run on liberal lines. Consider how a distant command element was inserted into the mix with the surveillance and firearms teams yet failed to actually provide any clear direction. Hmmmm.... I think I've heard that somewhere before. Ah yes, every operation these people have ever been involved in.

Of course, it's not totally surprising that HQ wasn't able to exercise much control, bearing in mind that the responsible commander's previous job had been with the 'Diversity Directorate' (aka the Thought Police). The overlap between the naughty word squad and counter-terrorism is not obvious, but again this is a natural outgrowth of liberal doctrine. These people have always believed in the idea of an elite which can apply its superior intellect in any context. Ditto, the corollary to that, the firm belief that policing, much like plumbing, brain surgery, and just about every other form of technical skill, is merely a bogus mystique dreamed up by dirty fingernailed wasters to avoid being held accountable.

But no, apparently, the real problem is that when faced with any unprecedented threat, and an enemy that could - as events on 21/7 had shown - apparently strike at will, the filth didn't rigidly stick to their own (failed) procedures. Hmmmm.... it wasn't that long ago that the self-same people were complaining about people sticking too rigidly to the book. If libs are now going to demand rigid adherence to written procedures, then we should get used to a lot more of this.

Doubtless, had PC Plod nailed a real baddy, we'd be hearing about the maverick brilliance of dear ol' Cressida. That's what really sticks in the throat, the left's determination to have their cake and eat it. Or - to return to something I mentioned above - to drink the truther kool aid when the security forces don't think outside the box, while reserving the right to pore over every line when things go the other way. Whatever the specifics, the answer is always the same: more liberalism.

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