Thursday, November 29, 2007

More MSM Non-Reporting

Another brilliant dispatch from Michael Yon, this time with British troops engaged in heavy fighting in Basra. What heavy fighting ? Ah yes: stuff the MSM didn't get round to reporting.

To return to a point I made earlier, for all that the MSM likes to wax pompous about how they produce original reporting - unlike mere bloggers - a lone, self-supported, US blogger has managed to produce more, and better, coverage of the British Army in Basra than the whole of the British MSM.

It's not as if these events lack news value. Not only is there the intrinsic drama, there's the deeper questions. Where are the RAF's Apaches ? Is Iran supplying IEDs ? And what's with all those jams ? But no: the MSM were not only not covering these events, in so far as they claim to be covering Basra, but don't, their coverage has been positively misleading, suggesting that things are far more peaceful than they are.

The bottom line is this: actual reporting has become a lost art in the MSM. Doubtless, some will say that's just the public getting what the public wants, but what of our multi-billion pound national broadcaster ? Couldn't they fit a report or two in amongst the half-hourly Gitmo update.

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