Friday, June 09, 2006

Zed's Dead, Liberal Credibility Also Looking Kind Of Ill

Hey, seems like only a month ago Nick Robinson was preening himself about the BBC's opposition to naught old extremists. I guess this must be his day off to judge by what's published on the first page of the BBC's 'Zed's Dead' thread:

the death of heroic Al Qaeda leader will slow down the insurgency for a moment,
two or three days. but like what they say, the death of one great man will lead
us to the newborn of thousand great man. believe me, it's mean nothing but two
or three days headlines in a major newspaper.
zulhazry, kuala lumpur,

Of course, you can't really put all the blame on the BBC. After all, it's not like they have a policy of strict censorship on Have Your Say threads. But wait....maybe it's called Don't Have Your Say for a reason. I guess if he'd called for school vouchers, that might have perked the censors ears up.
Other moonbats in the thread are resorting to the blleding heart manoevre. How can we Nazi scum relish the death of a fellow human ?

I dont understand how the UK can accept its leader saying that the death of
someone is 'good news'. I thought this country believed in Justice? Although
Zarqawi may have been a terrorist, I was under the impression that a death was a
negative thing. What message does this give to young people and the other
potential terrorists? Saying its good news does definitely not help stabilise
tom gibbs, fife

Ordinarily if we define someone as a
criminal and/or accuse them of a criminal act they are entitled to trial by
judge and maybe jury. When then did we decide it was okay to dispense with this
concept and allow the execution of citizens without the public examination of
their guilt? Compare this action to the furore surrounding Margaret Thatcher’s
alleged ‘Shoot to Kill’ policy concerning IRA suspects. Furthermore, to what
extent does this action form part of the proper gander of this ‘war’?

When any living thing dies all life is diminished. Bush
and Blair's criminal folly in their ill-judged, simplistic reaction to 9/11 has
dragged us all through the gates and we are still barely across the

What a discgrace that the picture of a dead
man is being paraded around like a trophy.Bush and Blair should be ashamed.Mr
Al-Zarqawi may not have been a particularly nice person, but to parade the
person of a recently murdered man is shocking and will fuel the insurgency even
Kevin Miller Warrington, United Kingdom

Yes, indeed. You'd certainly never see Leftards crowing over someone's death. Ahem.

So there you have it: the difference between Left and Right in a nutshell. When the VRWC celebratres a death, at least it's some murderous scumbag who saws people's head's off. With Liberals, it's someone who kept beating them at elections.

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