Monday, June 19, 2006

Liberals: Prison Works (But Only For Some People)

Apparently, Liberals were just kidding us all these years. They think jail works just fine. At least that’s one interpretation of recent events, but there may be something else about this case that’s sent them all Conservative.

See, this is the thing. Libs keep on and on about the need for rehabilitation and all that, but every time we get a case that sparks them up, suddenly jail works just fine. Hey, they even celebrated the jailing of Archer and Aitkin. Not to put to fine a point on it, but I don’t think people are barricading themselves in at night for fear that Jeffrey Archer will break in and commit a brutal perjury.

The only time Liberals support rehabilitation is when we’re talking about offences that they don’t think should be crimes anyway. It’s as if Conservatives suddenly started claiming that, actually, they thought Tony Martin was guilty, but that instead of jailing him, we should have tried to rehabilitate Martin by sending him on a world cruise and, oh, by the way, our refusal to condemn him proves how sofistikayted we are.

It’s more than flesh and blood can bear, seeing these people simultaneously denouncing everyone who wants a harsh line on crime as knuckle-dragging Neanderthals, while reserving the right to go to Defcon One when it’s their ox being gored. The Left is, quite literally, amoral. Everything is predicated around politics. It’s all about pushing the Liberal agenda.

Weirdly, in this case, there’s no better example of this than the victim’s mother - apparently trying to leverage her status into a gig at the Guardian.

Mrs Dobrowski said outside court of her son's murder: "It should be an outrage.
It was a political act. It was an act of terrorism.
"Homophobia is endemic -
this is unacceptable."
So there you have it: there’s no difference between opposing gay marriage and lynching interior designers. Of course. This isn’t even an argument, this is slander pure and simple. Yes, we should have every sympathy with her loss, but not to the extent of treating a recitation of every insane Left-wing talking point with anything other than total contempt.

The ironic thing is that this case does expose a real problem, just not the one Liberals would have you believe it does. As it happens, one of the killers should have been inside already but….Well, I’m sure you can guess the rest.

Isn’t this just the perfect microcosm of Liberalism ? People are getting killed because of their insane policies, but Liberals are busy shadow-boxing a vast army of ‘homophobes’. While the Left twitters on about ‘endemic homophobia’, we have a more direct reason why Jody Dobrowski was killed – yet again, a violent thug was let out early (the astute observer will note the absence from that explanation of any references to ‘atmosphere’, ‘auras’ or any one of the other 260 absurd words and phrases Leftards have to resort to when they want to try and blame these crimes on the Right).

It doesn’t get any easier than this. Here’s the choice: Liberals think sentences should vary wildly with the identity of the victim, and claim that the Right is to blame for this type of crime because we refuse to teach five-year olds about fisting. Conservatives think pretty much all killers should get this kind of sentence, and that the Left is to blame for letting a violent headcase out on the street - again. Need I say more ?

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