Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Lowest Form Of Bullying

Typically, it takes weeks of torture for a Liberal to admit that, actually, there are some problems in the education system after all. So it was something of a relief to find a Liberal actually prepared to criticise education in this country. Belay that – it turns out the problem is that primary schools aren’t gay enough. Of course.

I’m telling you, reading that report – it’s a total mystery to me why the word ‘gay’ has picked up so many negative connotations. These guys could give Narcissus a run for his money. Needless to say, what it’s all about is what it’s always about: bigotry disguised as victimhood. They’re being persecuted, and the only cure is more PC terror. We’d best let them indoctrinate 5 year olds into the joys of promiscuous anal sex otherwise the kids might grow up with some warped ideas.

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