Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Liberalism's Repeat Offender

Uh oh…looks like Johann Hari has set the attack muppets on Scott over at the Daily Ablution (check second comment on this post). Since fat boy is so into making impudent demands of bloggers, maybe it’s time we asked a few questions about Hari.

Over at ATW they’ve caught Hari peddling pro-paedophile propaganda. He’s got previous form at this as well. Here he is talking to another Liberal about his own writing:

However, your implication that since I haven’t raised every single one of these issues I don’t care about them is, I’m afraid, flawed. You haven’t written about the persistent abuse of asylum seekers by our own government (as I have). I could also mention climate change, prison reform, drugs legalization, human rights abuses in Colombia, higher taxes here in Britain, rights for transsexuals, against religious fundamentalism of all stripes, against the World Bank, in favour of understanding and embracing despised minorities like gypsies and paedophiles … I could go on with issues I've written about any you haven't.

No room for misquote there. All of which does raise questions. Not only is Hari a member in good standing of the MSM, fellow members have actually honoured him. So what does it say about the MSM when, say, the Press Gazette choose to give an award to an apologist for paedophilia ?

Equally, how can gay rights activists claim to be outraged at any attempt to link them with paedophilia when the ‘Contributing Editor to Attitude (Britain's main gay magazine)’ spends his time spinning for pederasts ?

Actually, I don’t mind Hari that much. His problem is a kind of Liberal Tourette’s Syndrome, whereby he keeps inadvertently saying what Liberals really believe. Look how they wax lyrical about their opposition to paedophilia, even while they turn the outrage meter up to 11 any time anybody suggests taking any measures against nonces (and what are the odds Hari thinks these guys need rehab not prison) ? In his own way Hari is an anti-matter canary in the mine. Just as long as his foul pro-pervert rhetoric is greeted warmly by Liberals, we’ll know just how seriously to take their opposition to predators stalking kids.

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