Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Liberals Lost In Lozells

The Observer has made a shocking discovery: Conservatives were right all along about multiculturalism. Well, alright, that’s not exactly how they put it. On the contrary, they claim inter-ethnic violence reflects a ‘new form of vicious racism’ that just happens to be exactly like the racism Conservatives claimed always existed. At least we’ve got some cover if it turns out anthrogenic climate change is happening – we can always claim it’s a ‘new form of global warming’.

What it’s all about is the charming Liberal contention that all ethnic conflict in the world is the fault of whites. Forty years of Liberalism having delivered endemic ethnic conflict in Britain – let alone more spectacular events like the Birmingham riots – that dog not only won’t hunt, he’ s curled up in his basket with a bottle of vodka.

Taking Liberal rhetoric at face value, it’s hard to see what they’re acting so surprised for. By definition, open borders means surrendering the right to stop Mohammed Al Wackjob entering the country. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly are all entitled to join us on Fantasy Island.

Ditto, multiculturalism. Even The Observer is forced to admit that the two biggest problem groups are Somalis and Afghans. Hey, it’s not like Mogadishu got that way because of an unfortunate series of earthquakes. It’s not violent mayhem, it’s keeping touch with their cultural roots. Anyway, why single these folks out ? Pakistani suicide bombers and Yardies are hardly less pathological beneficiaries of multiculturalism.

Needless to say, The Observer neatly ducks both these issues. No, the trainwreck of multiculturalism means we need even more multiculturalism. I think I’m beginning to understand why drug rehabilitation programs fail so often.

Liberals claim to be shocked – shocked! – that an immigration policy seemingly designed to seed our cities with samples of all the world’s most dysfunctional cultures has somehow resulted in chaos. People have been so unjustifiably surprised by disaster since the BBC saw Graham Norton’s viewing figures.

Of course, logic was never the Left’s strong point. Consider their complaint that ‘comments once associated with far-right white groups can now be heard among the long-established immigrant communities.’ Well, I dunno, but maybe these attitudes were never really all that ‘far right’ after all, hell, maybe they were just ‘sane’ (another social group the Left hates).

Still, at least we’ve got them pinned down. At least they’re admitting that opposition to our ‘homes for hijackers’ immigration policy is the right-wing position. The Left think think we should throw open the doors to all manner of psychopaths, rapists, terrorists and sundry other charmers. The consequences of that policy are exactly as Conservatives predicted. If the Left could show the same kind of cause and effect for climate change, Conservatives would spend parties talking about the new Raleigh they’ve bought.

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