Thursday, June 29, 2006

Further Thoughts On The People’s Republic

Nano-violins at the ready everyone! Andrew ‘anyone but England’ Murray has been receiving critical comments on his Wimbledon blog – unless you’re in the MSM, in which case Andrew ‘anyone but England’ Murray has been receiving ‘Hate Mail’. Boo hoo!

See, this is the thing. Maybe what kills PC won’t be something big like July 7, it’ll be something small like a public figure claiming the right to make obnoxious anti-English comments, then casting himself as a victim when the inevitable backlash happens.

Consider the tournament in question, played as it is at the ‘All England’ club. Murray may hate the English, but he sure manages to get over it when there’s money to be made. Why not ? After all, his countrymen claim the right to assault English visitors, while reserving the right to immigrate into England anytime they choose, then hit the welfare state like a battering ram, all while proclaiming their hatred of the English loudly and often. But that’s not it. What’s really infuriating is that Hamish McPsycho claims the right to sue for discrimination any time an employer chooses a less homicidal candidate. Liberals justifiy this the way they seemingly justify half their absurdities these days – by crying ‘racism’. But do they have any actual evidence for this ?

Pre-1997, few Englishmen would have paid much attention to Murray’s comments. Even now, there’s no English National Party blaming all England’s problems on the Scots. No children are assaulted for wearing Scotland shirts in England. This division of most of the country into English vs Scots is entirely a product of a form of Scottish nationalism that boils down simply to hatred of the English. There is no ‘racial’ aspect to it, except that which they themselves have created.

This is the absurdity of PC in its purest form, stripped of extraneous blather about ‘slavery’, ‘colonialism’ or any other Liberal excuseology. A group of people have carved a separate identity out of whole cloth, claiming that it gives them the right to commit crimes, bleed the state dry and scream their hatred of their fellow citizens at the top of their voices, but no one else should be allowed to judge them on that behaviour. Well, why not ? Aren’t they just taking Liberalism to its logical conclusion ?

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