Thursday, June 08, 2006

Flag Burning They Like

Hard to believe, I know, but DFH has managed to track down a two-faced Liberal. Even more staggeringly, he’s an academic. What are the odds, hey ? Actually, the sight of an immigrant denouncing the England flag while (literally) wrapping himself in a foreign flag just seems like a reification of the Liberal approach to multiculturalism. Still, it does raise an interesting question.

Ferzoco's whine basically boils down to the idea that all that flag-waving creates an atmosphere (zzzzzz!) in which minorities feel they have to wave the flag or be victimized. Coming back at you, Georgie! Academics have been telling us for years that having a faculty that covers the whole spectrum of opinion from Liberal to Ultra-Liberal to Ken Livingstone in no way implies a hostility to Conservatism. How come having lecturers (also known as ‘the folks marking the assessments’) lining up to sneer at England doesn’t create a fear of exclusion amongst patriotic students ?

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