Tuesday, June 06, 2006

50% Of Our Customers Hate Us, So What's Wrong With Them ?

Tim Worstall makes a point often neglected in MSM discussion of the ‘gender gap’ in exam results. Back when boys were beating girls, that was proof that the exam system was biased. Now, after the systems been turned upside down specifically to favour the female species, the girls beat the boys, and that proves lads are FICK. Ah yes. If nothing else, that'll give the youngsters an early insight into feminine logic.

It’s not just exams though. To be fair, even Hutton identifies part of the problem: our school system may as well have been designed to rid boys of any ambition ever to crack open a book again. Seriously, everyone admits that school system fails utterly to serve half the population, yet most of them will explain that it’s the fault of the boys. Tail, dog, anyone ?

The trouble is that Hutton himself provides a perfect example of the other half of the problem when he starts babbling about emotional intelligence. All this boils down to is a complaint that boys are just too boyish. Au contraire, the pathologisation of the male condition is, in and off itself, part of the problem.

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