Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Liberals Endorse Racial Profiling

The Liberals’ latest set of baby seals are Forest Gate’s very own version of the Waltons. True, big brother parades around demanding the death sentence for inappropriate caricaturage, sis describes the police as ‘barbaric’ and a MI5 agent provided technically-accurate details of a chemical bomb, but one can hardly call that grounds for suspicion. Liberals would prefer something more concrete. That might mean waiting for another bomb attack but it’s a chance Liberals are prepared for you to take, while they prepare articles denouncing the security services for letting it happen.

It has to be said that not everyone gets the same consideration from the Left. Consider the measures brought into try and prevent hooliganism at the World Cup.

Under Operation Jardon, [police] pull people aside and check their passports for previous violent disorder convictions which could prevent their departure.

Of course, we do have banning orders preventing people travelling, except that’s not what they’re talking about. They’re claiming the right to prevent people with previous convictions travelling, even if the courts chose not to impose these orders – in other words, extra-judicial punishment, in many cases years after the fact. So where are the civil liberties pests ?

While lunatic thugs are a tough group to feel sympathy for, the police aren’t restricting their activities just to people with actual convictions.

Also sought are the peripherals who would likely step in to a fight to support the hardcore of violent offenders.

They might not have an order over their heads, but police say their history suggests they are a threat, past convictions or not.

It’s unclear from the report whether the police will be detecting these potential offenders by instinct alone, or whether they’ll be helped by Tom Cruise and three baldies in a flotation tank. We may never know, but what we can say is this: What. The. Hell ?

British citizens are being prevented from travelling because their history suggests they’re a threat. Not history in the sense of actual conviction in a court of law, just the opinion of unaccountable agents of the state that they may commit unspecified crimes at some point in the future. Hello ? If the L4 (Loony Left Liberal Lawyers) ever wanted to convince us that this whole ‘human rights’ thing was anything other than a scam to wage legalistic guerrilla war on Western Civilisation, this would be the perfect case to take up. But no, they’re outraged that fugitives might be deprived of their human right to tasty chicken, but the police setting up their own version of ‘pre-crime’ ? Make sure you send him a drink up as well.

Actually, comparing this system to ‘Minority Report’ is giving it too much credit.

If people fitted the profile - men, aged 15 to 45, casual clothes, England flags poking out of bags - their journey was halted by football intelligence officers at Heathrow's Terminal 2.

OK, let’s start from first principles here. England flags ? Say, could it be that there’s a particular ethnic group that’s more likely to carry these flags than, say, Tibetan monks ? Yes, I believe there could. The Left has spent years claiming that a policy is racist if it leads to a single racial group being targeted, irrespective of whether or not there was intent to racially discriminate.

You might say that it’s kind of obvious that attempts to stop English hooligans reaching Germany should concentrate on English people, but Liberals are enraged by the thought that counter-terrorist efforts should concentrate on members of a certain peace-loving religion. So a thirty-something bloke with an England flag and casual shirt can be stopped from flying, but blokes who follow the same ideology as the folks who gave us Sep 11, June 7 and the like should be given a free pass right up until they moment they run onto a crowded train with a fizzing bomb in their hands (and don’t even think of pointing out that the Forest Gate Kittens appear to share an image consultant with Bin Laden).

Is trying to start a riot in a bar really more serious than trying to blow one up ? Apparently so in Liberal La-La land.

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