Monday, June 12, 2006

The MSM In Their Own Words

Ann Coulter has a new book out – of which more in a later post – but for now, consider this article from the Observer for a Class 1 example of Liberal Tourette’s. There’s the typical Liberal schtick of feigning incredulity that anyone could both be Conservative and prepared to admit to that in public. She’s not a grovelling apologetic worm ? What’s she up to ?

Then there’s the other Coutler-cliché, the claim that her popularity is entirely down to her looks. It does raise an interesting philosophical question though – the charge is that she’s some kind of witch who turns men’s brains to jelly so they don’t realise how rubbish she is. Is that misogyny or is it misandry ? Or is it just Liberals being pigs again ?

But the real insight into the Liberal worldview comes courtesy of Liberal whiner well-respected MSM figure Eric Alterman (and you are reminded that the Observer must have felt his insights were sufficiently important to reproduce them in this article):

There's a kind of daisy chain in the media that's allowed her to reach this level, with Hillary Clinton responding to her comments about 9/11 widows. Hillary Clinton shouldn't have to wipe that stuff off her shoes. The gatekeeper function of the media has entirely disappeared.

So, there you have it. The role of the MSM is to protect Liberal royalty from having to deal with impudent commoners. So what’s the attraction of this 'blogosphere' again ?

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