Monday, June 12, 2006

Government Shocked By Government Failures

Possibly in the hope of attracting a lighter sentence when finally brought to justice, the Attorney General has released a list of judgicial moonbats. An optimistic Times sub-editor heads the report 'Lenient' judges shamed in list. Isn’t that kind of like Captain Hook getting writer’s cramp ?

One of the most consistent characteristics of Liberals is their complete shamelessness. These are the folks who think that if families are going to have the gall to complain about the way the NHS treats their 92 year old grandmother, why, they deserve to have the old cow smeared as a racist, but they’ll profess themselves shocked that Blair might have libeled Saddam Hussain. Besides, it’s not like these people need public approval. Au contrair, the judiciaries whole self-image is built upon the idea of themselves as an Olympian elite, free from the constraints of the common herd.

That’s what’s so fundamentally bogus about this latest maneuver. Yes, the government says, nearly 10% of the country’s top judges are flicking a v-sign at the rule of law and the common morality, so we’re going to... put them on a list. That’ll teach ‘em. This is the action of a campaign group, not a government. Hey, contrary to what m’learned friends try to imply, ‘checks and balances’ is supposed to work both ways.

Power has been leeched away from the legislature and the executive and into the hands of a deranged nation-within-a-nation, but we’re all supposed to believe that Nu Lab is shocked – shocked! – at the judiciaries’ descent into madness. I guess Blair doesn’t get to meet any moobat lawyers ? So now a government which has become notorious for micro-management restricts itself to issuing little lists and making sad faces. Isn’t this just the perfect microcosm of Blairism ?

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