Wednesday, June 28, 2006

It's The Wetware That Needs Replacing

While it is indeed fun to fantasise about Liberal judges abandoning the bench, you can't take the current pantomime fighting between the judges and Nu Lab too seriously. After all, Nu Lab has absolutely no real interest in cleaning house. The more deranged the public sector gets, the more Nu Lab can bring in reforms that chip away at the rights of the citizenry, while utterly failing to address the failings. For a perfect example of this phenomenon, consider the government’s latest deep thought.

Yep, it’s the fruit police. But that’s not even the best of it. We’ve got Cherie shaking down cancer charities, Prezza shagging everything that moves, Tessa Jowell paying off her mortgage in a month und so weiter – and they want the state to check other people are providing suitable role models ? Still, I’m sure local councils will use their powers with all the common sense and discretion they’ve bought to traffic enforcement – just like I’m sure that when the kids turn Eighteen, the files will be destroyed. Won’t they ?

The excuse for all this is the need to avoid another Victoria Climbie case. But hang on a minute:

Eight-year-old Victoria ClimbiƩ died in 2000 while living with her aunt, Marie-Therese Kouao, and her aunt's boyfriend, Carl Manning, despite having been seen by dozens of dozens of social workers, nurses, doctors and police officers.

The problem wasn’t that Victoria Climbe’s long, slow death passed unnoticed. On the contrary, just about everyone knew she was at risk, but nothing was done. It wasn’t bureaucracy that killed her, it was PC. Who were we to say that torturing a young child was ‘wrong’ ? Alleged child care professionals flitted around, but none could bring themselves to call these two scumbags what they were. After all, torturing the kids might be part of their culture.

Not to go off at a tangent here, but what does it say about the true nature of modern politics that it’s Liberals that claim that Africans routinely torture their kids, while those ‘racist’ Conservatives claim that black children deserve the same protection as white kids ? Similarly, consider that many of the alleged professionals must have known that the victim was near death, yet not one was prepared to say ‘the hell with it’ and act to save the child. What does that say about Liberalism's success in - literally - demoralising public servants ? Morality has been extinguished and replaced with blind obedience to political dictates

Forget the computer systems, what we really need is public servants who’ll do the right thing. Has any progress been made in that direction ? Apparently not. Social workers have got foster carers found to have taken obscene photographs of a kid under their care but, hey, that’s no big thing. Add in the fact, unreported by the Beeb (naturally), that the assailants had told social workers that they only wanted to foster boys, and the question is raised: just what would have struck social workers as suspicious ?

Of course, this brings us back where we started. Nu Lab and the judges might be indulging in play fighting, but they’ll close ranks when it really matters. For proof of that, look no further than the judge's insane comment that the case wasn’t about homosexuality. Au contraire, that was exactly why these scumbags were allowed to go on so long, just as assuredly as the race hustlers helped ensure that the people supposedly protecting Victoria Climbie spent more time worrying about offending her torturers than they did about saving her life. We have a dysfunctional justice system, where ‘sending the right message’ trumps all else, so the answer is to keep tabs on everyone in the country. Hey - the last government might have screwed up the BSE situation, but at least they didn't claim their failure meant they had the right to tell you what to eat for Sunday lunch.

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