Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Special Guest Fisking

...because you can't have too much Beeb bashing, here's 'Daniel' via e-mail:

Israel expels British aid worker

How beastly of the Israelis. An innocent aid worker. And he’s British! And what was his offence? Dropping litter on the Sabbath? Well, actually he we was shown the door for “backing a militant group”.

Israel has ordered a British aid worker to leave the country, accusing him of
backing a militant group.

Ayaz Ali, 36, originally from Bradford,...

Oh right, so he’s ‘British’. Might just be my prejudice, but I’d guess he’s a Pakistani muslim. And we all know that the only reason ‘British’ muslims go to the Middle east is to spread a message of peace and reconciliation. Ahem.

...had been held in a top security Israeli prison for three weeks without

Mr Ali, who worked in Gaza for Islamic Relief, was freed on
Monday and given seven days to leave Israel.

Israel had accused Mr Aliof helping groups linked to Hamas. Islamic Relief, which is Birmingham-based,said his release was a relief to aid workers.

Hamas, which isthe ruling Palestinian party, runs an extensive network of social services including kindergartens and clinics.

Oh I see. Sound like a pretty decent bunch.

But it is considered by the Israeli government to be a terrorist organisation.
Well what can have put that notion into their heads? The fact that Hamas are sworn to exterminate every Jew who draws breath? The fact that they teach their children that Jews are ‘pigs and apes’? The fact that Hamas both preaches and practices murderous violence against innocent civilians in Israel and anyone in their fiefdom who crosses them?

The story goes on:

Islamic Relief's president Dr Hany El Banna OBE ...
Excuse me? Run that by me again. OH BEE EE. And Michael Winner that this gong was only for ‘toilet cleaners’!

...said: "I am glad that this whole situation has come to an end.

"It is
a great relief to Ayaz's family, humanitarian workers all over the world and
Islamic Relief.

"We are grateful to all those individuals, international
NGOs and the UK government who helped secure Ayaz's release."

Mr Ali, is now set to return to the UK in time for the birth of his first child.

He was arrested almost three weeks ago and since then British officials have been
pressing Israel to release him, or explain why he was being held.

According to colleagues, one of his projects was a toy and book
library for young Palestinian children.
Why, this man shouldn’t be languishing in an Israeli jail. He should be presenting Blue Peter!

But Israel said he had been helping Hamas institutions.

A Foreign Office
spokeswoman confirmed Mr Ali's release and said consular staff had been present
at the hearing.

"An Israeli judge ordered him to be released and he has
been given seven days to leave Israel," she said.
Typical of the merciless brutality of the Israeli regime.

"At the time he agreed to sign a bond undertaking that he would not returnto the West Bank and Gaza."


Don't be shocked, but in the comments 'Max' points out that some kind of weird computer virus must have deleted the most interesting parts of the BBC's report. Fortunatly, other reports have survived unharmed. Read and learn what the BBC doesn't think you need to know.

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