Thursday, June 01, 2006

Emperor Hirohito Rides Again

In August 1945, with his fleet and air force shattered, his island completely isolated and its cities destroyed, Emperor Hirohito told his people ‘the war situation has developed not necessarily to Japan's advantage’. That spirit lives on amongst apologists for multiculturalism.

Every so often we get these Hirohitoesque statements from the high priests of the MultiCult that concede that, actually, things may not be going 100% to plan. The latest is their admission that diverse communities turn out to be hellholes. This does raise an interesting version of the ‘who cuts a barber’s hair ?’ question, namely if they’re now going to start saying what the VRWC has been saying for years, who’s going to call them Nazis ?

In answer to the obvious question: no, they haven’t been binging on sodium penthol, it’s simply that their position has been untenable since last year’s Lozell’s riot. The sight of Islamopaths fighting pitched battles with the homeboys did rather give the lie to the idea that it was all the fault of the native Britons.

Don’t be fooled though, whatever the changes in their rhetoric, the MultiCultists still retain the same delusions as ever:

We've done work here which shows that people, frankly, when there aren't other pressures, like to live within a comfort zone which is defined by racial sameness.
That’s funny because multi-racial America seems to get by alright. Maybe it isn’t about race, after all ? Come to think of it, there are only two sets of people in Britain who believe that conflict is the inevitable result of racial differences, one is the ‘far Right’ and the other are Liberals. Liberals trying to blame the failures of multiculturalism on some innate human prejudice is like the Captain of the Titanic claiming that, actually, he’s pretty sure the whole design was flawed. Maybe, maybe not, but the bulk of the blame must be the folks who steamed into the iceberg at flank speed while calling the lookouts ‘Nazis’.

Of course, you can’t expect Liberals to understand the present when they’re tied up lying about the past:

The arrival of the Huguenots or the Jews into Britain brought
significant social tensions which have largely disappeared.

Cultural difference eventually became woven into the tapestry of British life.

OK, Liberals: name one cultural difference of the Hugenots or Jews that became ‘woven’ into British life. That’s not to say that there weren’t tensions when they came over, but they never expected Yiddish-based education, generous welfare payments or the right to run round our towns with machetes. Instead, they got to work, got speaking da lingo and got filthy stinking rich. And all without us having to hire 2 billion Liberals to make sure they weren’t being oppressed.

In other words, what we’re dealing with here is Liberals complete inability to understand the past or the present. Guess what that means for their prescriptions for the future ?

Trevor Phillips believes getting it right is vital: "We need to respect people's ethnicity but also give them, at some point in the week, an opportunity to meet and want to be with people with whom they have something in common that isn't defined by their ethnicity."

"If we can find a moment, an idea, an activity which takes us out of our ethnicity and connects us to other people of different ethnicities and if only for an hour in a week then I think we can crack this problem."
Well, now Trevor, we did have that. We had something called ‘Britishness’. A pride in being part of something that had moved the world. As Laban points out, we didn’t need anybody building bridges between communities back in Windrush days. These people didn’t regard themselves as West Indian, they thought they were British, and they took pride in that. It was Liberals who waged war on British culture, rubbishing every achievement and highlighting every flaw, and it was Liberals who insisted that a complete lack of connection to, respect for, or even basic knowledge of Britain should be no bar to living here.

So now we have divided cities, bulging with mutually-antagonistic tribes. Who’d have thunk it ? And what is the Liberal’s answer ? When it all comes down to it, what they want is effectively permanent Balkanisation, but with an exchange of ambassadors.

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