Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Who's This 'We' Paleface ?

Talking of Liberals blaming the victim, check out the headline here: 'Livingstone in fresh Jewish controversy'. Ah yes, one of the chief apologists for open borders immigration (and the subsequent open welfare wallets, of course) unleashes his inner taxi driver on two successful businessmen, who - by an amazing coincidence - happen to be Jewish, and that's a 'Jewish controversy'. Really ? Is that how far down the sewer the modern Left has gone, that they can't even concieve of any non-hook nosed person being appalled by this lowlife's anti-Semitic rantings ? Never mind the blatant attempt to cast this as another case of those whiny kikes bitching again, what about the implication that the rest of us are somehow OK with climbing into the Left's cess pit of Jew hating lunacy ?

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