Friday, March 24, 2006

See, That's What We Were On About

Just so you know were we are today with Blair's pledge that NuLab would be purer than pure, the first casaulty of the scandal over secret loans to Labour turns out to be a businessman not a politician. Of course.

This is the point Conservatives keep making. Liberals try and justify their regulatory meglomania by claiming that business would run rampant without the dead hand of government keeping them under control, but cases like this prove the complete opposite. If nothing else, Blair has shown there are almost no limits to what a government can get away with, providing only that they can fool enough folks to get a majority every now and again. Things were a little different for Capita - their government contracts might be like having a money tree, but being known as the folks who have to bribe the government to get work would be fatal for seeking private sector contracts. That's why Aldridge has gone while so many Labour hacks remain. For all that Liberals like to claim massive regulation provides 'public accountability', the market provides a far faster and more ruthless punishment for misconduct than the sleazy cesspit of politics ever can.

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