Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Moronic Convergence Continues

OK, now we are definitely aproaching the end times, when all the world's stupidities will coagulate into one massive singularity of idiocy. Liberals keep coming up with bizzaro world explanations for why Conservatives are exactly like Nazis, but then we find out that it's the L3 that seem to be swapping talking points with the jackbooted untermensch. Both sets of collectivist trash seem to agree that Mary Ann Leneghan was asking for it. Try this comment:
As Richard Latham QC, prosecuting, admitted: “Mary-Ann (and her friend) were not without their problems. Mary-Ann was bunking off school, neither had a job. They were certainly not the sort of girls who would have been tucked up at home at 10 o’clock at night."
Let's see that one again:
As Richard Latham QC, prosecuting...
Yep. That does say 'prosecuting'. Maybe the government's trying to cut down on the Legal Aid bill by having one guy represent both sides ?

Whazzat ?

Mr Liberal would like to point out that calling the vics scum could all be a cunning ploy by the prosecution. OK, but was it a cunning ploy to also take at face value the killers' claim that Mary Ann had taken part in a drugs heist ? Seems to me that only two people know the truth of that, one a murderer and one who's not available to testify. Since when have self-confessed drug-dealing killers been regarded as credible witnesses ?

Naturally enough, these attempts to blacken the name of the victims of extreme sexual violence have raised the hackles of the femiloon community. And when I say 'raised the hackles of', I mean in the sense of 'been completely ignored by'. Apparently, it is OK to talk about the past history of rape victims, but only when it's strictly relevant to the needs of Liberalism.

The femiloons aren't the only one suffering Sudden Backflip Syndrome. Before the Crown decided criticising the victims of ethnic violence was a perfectly valid tactic, they thought it was grounds for prosecution. Nick Griffin's own trial blog records the Crown's weird obsession with his comments on Stephen Lawrence (here, for example). Think that one through: if 'Richard Latham QC, prosecuting' had come out with similar comments about Stephen Lawrence, he might have ended up in the dock. Gosh, I guess there must be some kind of difference between Mary Ann Leneghan and Stephen Lawrence. What can it be ?

By the way, just so you know, St Stephen of Lawrence was killed at around 10:30 PM, and I bet there's more chance of our next PM being a duck called 'Ralphie' than there is of any Liberal ever having sneered about him not being tucked up after 10 PM.

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