Monday, March 13, 2006

Nasty Domestic

I guess there is no honour amongst thieves after all. Liberals profess to be shocked – shocked! – that Sir Ian Blair taped phone calls with a government minister. Personally, if I had to deal with a Nu Lab minister, I’d want the whole thing recorded, independent witnesses present and a marksman on a nearby rooftop. But that’s my own VRWC self – of all the people in Britain, Blair is the one least qualified to start claiming he fears persecution by the State whose powers he worked so hard to increase.

Of course, that goes both ways. Back in the 1990s, the MSM were obsessed with the hypocrisy of Tories who signed up to the whole ‘Back to Basics’ thing, even while cheating on their wives. Now, our CCTV-obsessed Liberal Establishment - favourite mantra: ‘if you’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve got nothing to fear’ - has decided that, actually, privacy is kind of important after all, and the MSM are eating it up with a shovel.

Typically, it’s the BBC that’s pushing hardest on the line that what Blair did was an outrage. Yes, the Beeb is vigorously opposed to this kind of underhand behaviour, as the results of a search on bbc+secret+recording+police+reporter reveals. Of course, the two cases aren’t exactly the same. After all, one involves a Liberal activist masquerading as a police officer, while the other involves a BBC reporter.

All the MSM’s fatwa on Blair proves is that you know who your friends are when you can longer serve the Liberal agenda. Sir Ian was the very definition of a useful idiot back when the L3 needed an insider to carry out their anti-police agenda, but that was before July 7. Until that day, the L3 could get away with sneering at anyone who suggested we were at war. Afterwards, denying the existence of the threat got a little tougher, right up until July 22 and the Martyrdom of St Jean.

Indeed, the Yin of the demonisation of Sir Ian is matched by the Yang of the Liberals near-deification of a fraudster. Say, didn’t the Left used to be against tax evasion ? Certainly, you’ll never see the MSM pick up on any of these questions. Speaking personally, I’m with this guy. Forget the legal arguments, morally St Jean was in exactly the same position as a conman who talks his way into a pensioner's house then breaks his leg slipping on the kitchen floor – if he hadn’t defrauded his way into this country, he’d still be alive.

It was the Liberals’ own Via Dolorossa, those two weeks spent pretending to support Britain, but at last they were free to claim that the real threat was from the people fighting to defend our civilisation. Never mind that the people running the operation were the very definition of the Nu Police, there were 52 bodies to buried, and so the bombers were rebranded as ‘misguided criminals’, while Liberals professed to be terrified that SO19 would suddenly jump out of the bushes and shoot them.

Never mind too that the L3 had not a single worthwhile comment to make on this operation. In so far as no one was arguing in favour of shooting the wrong people – no matter how vigorously the Liberal media may maintain otherwise – the sole matter for debate was the tactics the police should use when faced with a suicide bomber. As ever when faced with difficult questions, the Liberal response was to evade it with a serious of teenage girl whines about insensitivity and the like.

This isn’t a hard scenario to visualise: police believe an Islamic terrorist has entered a confined space carrying a bomb, how should they prevent him detonating it ?


Nope, the Left are busy chasing down allegations that Sir Ian fiddled the books for the CID coffee fund in 1982. Liberals are against bad stuff, that's all you need to know.

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