Friday, March 03, 2006

Possession Of A Cuddly Toy With Intent To Supply

Who says the police can’t deal with serious crimes ? Self-confessed ‘store owner’ Donald Reynolds thought he was safe to carry on his evil trade, right up until the moment officers from West Mercia Police’s elite Special Toy Squad raided his den, seizing toys with a street value of up to £60.

Note that this whole farce was supposedly started by ‘a' passer-by - this really is a perfect example of the Liberal conception of free speech. Liberals believe that the police should harass shopkeepers for no better reason than that one person has decided that they don’t like what they’ve got in their window, but a major political figure abusing a Jew with a series of Holocaust references is the epitome of free speech. Then again, the Filth aren’t always as quick to act. You do wonder what would have happened if the golliwogs had been holding placards calling for the murder of Infidels.

The bit I can’t work out is why they needed to take the toys to decide if an offence had been committed. What were they doing, interviewing them ? Did they have a lawyer present ? Or is it, to take a wild shot in the dark, that they realised even our courts would throw the case out in approximately 3 seconds flat, so they settled for some legal harassment instead (where’s Liberty when we need them ?).

Having given up on trying to find a judge daft enough to believe that a cuddly toy could be said to be ‘threatening, abusive or insulting’, the Filth will apparently be advising Mr Reynolds on the ‘sensitivities of displaying them’. Yes, indeed. No more displaying his wares in the window. How about putting them on the roof ? Or in the basement ? Or how about my idea – put a uniform on one and make it Chief Constable. The quality of service can only improve.

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