Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Tossa Jowell

Apparently, Tessa Jowell is starring in a new show on BBC2 – Pay Off Your Mortgage In Two Weeks. Of course, the actual details of Tessa’s Italian Job are ‘very complex’. When Liberals say something is ‘very complex’ but won’t provide the details, that usually means they’re up to no good.

Doubtless, the ins and outs of the wheeling and dealing are complex, but the key facts are hardly rocket science. Tessa’s significant other raised a mortgage on the house to release £350K, supposedly to fund an investment in an offshore hedge fund, then paid it off days later. As joint owner, Tessa Jowell would have had to sign the paperwork for the mortgage, would have had an interest in half the investment (which she failed to declare it), and would have had an interest in the money used to pay off her mortgage (ditto). Complex, n’est pas ?

Seriously, who doesn’t mortgage their house to invest in high-risk offshore investments ? Did she do anything illegal ? Wrong question – we’re not talking about whether she should be in jail, we’re talking about whether she should be in a highly-sensitive job, all the more so in an administration that was supposed to be whiter than white. Leave aside moral questions – if she’ll sign away her own house at the drop of a hat, what’s she like with other people’s money ?

But that’s all by the by, the best thing about all this has been seeing yet another femihag try to pass herself as Daphne from Scooby Doo. Ooooh money, I don’t handle money, I just let my husband sort it all out. Her Royal Cherieness claiming to be just an ordinary housewife and mother was funny enough, but now Little Miss Gender Segregation herself claims she signed away her house with no idea where the money was going just because her husband told her to ? How can the satire industry survive when faced with this kind of unfair competition ?

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