Thursday, March 02, 2006

Does Ken Know ?

In order to pursue his campaign against unelected activists impeding the business of government, Ken Livingstone has gone to court to block his suspension. Don’t forget to vote in the election for Lord Chancellor!

Nevertheless, today’s exercise in humbuggery is but a mere molehill compared to the slag heaps of it which have emerged from the Left since Livingstone had his misfortune. As Mark rightly points out, it was people like Livingstone who lit the flame at the Victimhood Olympics in the first place. More to the point, the rules surrounding grievance mining were deliberately drawn up to maximise the likelihood of such complaints. That’s why, for example, it’s completely bogus for Liberals to claim Livingstone shouldn’t have been suspended because what he said wasn’t actually that offensive. The rules they drew up say that if anything – anything! – is considered racist by anybody, then it is indeed racist.

For those still convinced that Livingstone is the victim of some dark conspiracy, consider recent events in Manchester. No mere standards board here. I guess we’re finding out why Manchester has such a problem with high-velocity lead pollution – all the cops are busy investigating complaints from psychics who saw Ken Dodd, Paul McCartney and Cherie Blair make an obscene gesture at Frank Bruno. Hey – at least it was the guy himself who complained in the Livingstone case, not some blokes two hundred miles away. So where are all the Liberal opponents of this sort of thing ? I guess Steve Finnan needs to start having Islamofascists to lunch.

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