Thursday, March 09, 2006

What You Could Have Read, If You Lived In A Free Country

I guess the L3 were right, the Danish cartoons were simply a mindless act of provocation, with no wider point to make about the coverage of Islam. Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to read articles like this.


Mind you, the Telegraph admitting that the Filth have ordered them to take an article down practically counts as heroism compared to the normal standards of our fearless media. Certainly, the rest of the MSM are hardly rallying to their cause - something to be borne in mind next time you hear some editor banging on about how legal challenges to their right to report on gay goalkeepers or bonking batsmen is a terrifying threat to British democracy.

Need it be said that Liberty and the rest of the hand-wringers are AWOL (but don't call them Left-wing) ? So this is what it means to be on the far Right: believing that newspapers should be free to publish and be damned. I guess we'll have to win the Culture War to see what the Telegraph would have said, until then here's a completely random article for your reading pleasure.


The plot thickens! Via Laban, who's been on this from the start, there comes a suggestion that the Telegraph bungled the name of one of the books cited in the article. Given that the sort of thing is happening a lot since the Telegraph took a chainsaw to their subediting personnel, that's just about believable but we're still faced with a lot of unanswered questions. Why was the whole article taken down ? Why does it remain down, rather than producing a corrected article with an addendum (surely the normal response to this kind of thing) ? Equally, the tone of the offended party's letter suggests that legal action is unlikely. More to the point, what's with the 1984 style vapourisation ? We still have no official word from the Telegraph on why the article has gone. Ditto, no other news outlet has referred to these events.

The bottom line is that for years jounalists have been preaching about the public's right to know. Phrases like transparency and accountability have been tossed around, together with not so subtle innuendos that any entity that fails to immediatly submit to the jounalistic equivalent of a prostate exam must have something to hide. Well, now, the MSM does have a record of censorship in the coverage of Islam, an article critical of Islam has disappeared down the memory hole, there is a news blackout over what's actually happened - do they have something to hide ?

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