Sunday, March 19, 2006

How Chips Prove Cameron Is Worthless

I don't know if it's just me, or if other Right-wing bloggers get e-mails every fortnight or so from enraged L3. The usual charge is that I'm unfairly stereotyping the Left when ,in fact, the modern Left includes a whole kaleidoscope of different views. Well, sure. chihuahuas are different from rottweillers, but no one objects to the word 'dog'. All this talk about the infinite varieties of Liberalism, just as much as the absurd attempts by Liberals to rebrand themselves as 'progressives' or 'moderates', is just a slippery way to distance themselves from the collectivist thuggery that is the real distinguishing mark of Liberalism.

The Liberal commitment to freedom turns out to be a commitment to allow people to do whatever they agree with. For proof of what Liberals really believe, consider the Food Wars.

We're told that massive government regulation of the food supply is justified by the health dangers of eating the wrong food. Really ? Don't plenty of things have negative health consequences ? How about promiscuous anal sex ? How come Libs don't want to force the manager of the Blue Oyster Bar to put up warning signs ? But no, Liberals spent years claiming they wanted government out of the bedroom - they never mentioned they wanted it to go downstairs and regroup in the fridge.

So, right from the off, there's a basic absurdity there, but it gets deeper. Consider the latest developments. Here's the Treason Party's spokesman on Tesco's excellent decision to tell the Health Nazis to shove it:
They have huge influence on our culture and what we eat. It is irresponsible for such a company to go it alone when it comes to public health.
The Health Nazis wanted to mau-mau the big supermarkets into following their loony agenda, but now Tesco has decided to call their bluff. Going it alone ? If that's true then Tesco's sales will plunge and Webb has nothing to worry about. But I'm guessing things will go the other way, and so apparently is Webb, hence the absurd whining about Tesco being 'as powerful as the government'. Yes, indeed, it's all a dark conspiracy.

What it's all about is what it's always about. Liberals claim that we are in the grip of a national health crisis caused by eating the wrong food, and the only answer is massive government regulation. Then again, this is what they say about the environment as well. Also, education, business and everything else, except terrorism. Government power can turn Johnny Vegas into Arnold Schwarzenegger, but national defense is outside their competence.

What's most striking about this case though is the outright murder of the English language. Consider this:
Its attitude to competition and food labeling is symptomatic of an arrogance on the part of big supermarkets.
Let's leave aside the absurdity of an unabashed advocate of massive state power claiming to worry about 'competition', and just consider the sheer chutzpah of claiming that a business is arrogant for refusing to accede to the demands of a group of unrepresentative fanatics. Tesco are, quite literarily, minding their own business. It's fascist creeps like Webb who want to impose their agenda on the public.

In no country with a functional right-wing party would Liberals be able to get away with this kind of rhetoric. Unfortunately, it's not even clear that there's anyone left in Opus Dave that can see the absurdity of the charge. This is why the argument that rightists should support the Conservative Party as being the least-worst credible government falls down. It's not just about which specific laws are passed, it's about culture too. Right now, Liberals have waged the war so effectively that a company which seeks no more than to give the public what they want can be denounced as 'arrogant'. Whatever trivial legislative changes a Cameron government may make, without a determination to wage the Culture War, Liberalism will continue to make inroads into British culture.

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